Power & Gas

We design the best energy and gas supply for you

We have designed a supply plan that can perfectly fit the needs of your company and help you contain energy costs. Our consultants, located throughout the country, are available to advise you when choosing the option that best suits your company; based on your usage and on how you want to set the price to pay for your supply.  

What price do you prefer?

We offer products with locked rate or indexed price

Prefer the piece of mind of a locked rate? Choose "Serenity"

The price remains unchanged for the entire length of the contract and is unaffected by the variations of the energy market.

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Want to take advantage of times when energy costs less? Choose "Dynamic"

Thanks to trading activities, we are able to take advantage of market fluctuations and get the best price for your energy supply.

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Our products for SME

Choose if your company is consuming more or less than 50 MWh and contact us to receive our best offer

Consume up to 50 MWh? Then the "Best" are the products for you

There is a vast range of products with customizable options to suit all of your company’s needs, whatever the size. Feel free to contact one of our consultants to find out what the best solution is for you and your business.

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Consume more than 50 MWh? Then the "Top Choice" are the products for you

We have developed specific products for companies, which, is based on our knowledge of the energy market as well as the experience gained by assisting businesses and entrepreneurs on their path to success.

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Video, Energy & gas for companies: lifesaver video

Do you have any doubts about what might be the best options for you and your company? Emma and Alex share their experience about what solution they chose for their company.