26.07.2021 | Traineeships at Axpo

A skyrocketing career step

Noa Frey




One’s first job after graduating is a decisive milestone. Graduates look for a job opportunity to continue their growth, to be challenged in a more practical sense, and to expand their network with like-minded and driven people. At Axpo we say, “Look no further: A traineeship at Axpo offers precisely what you want.” 

Each year, six university graduates from different fields of study are given the opportunity to participate in Axpo’s tailored trainee programme. The traineeship provides interesting insights into the energy industry and allows trainees to gain valuable work experience through challenging projects and active participation in the daily business. Over an 18-month period, trainees prepare for their professional future, and at the same time make an impact by generating added value for their teams and therefore for Axpo. The traineeship programmes emerge from the collaboration between HR and the business and offer an ideal start to a career. 

Why is an Axpo traineeship a once in a lifetime opportunity? 

The Axpo traineeship programme offers six graduates per year the opportunity to seize a unique chance to develop new skills and expand their comfort zone over an 18-month period, while gaining insight into different areas of Axpo. During their traineeship, trainees build a large professional know-how and a group-wide network across various departments. Because they can contact different knowledge sources within the company, trainees fulfil their own information needs within projects. This cross-departmental collaboration is an important factor that trainees can benefit from. In addition, trainees find that they recycle the skills they learn in one project for challenges in other business areas further down the line. 

What is the profile of an ideal trainee? 

Axpo is a very diverse company with around 150 different job profiles. All Axpo employees face different daily challenges in their job, and thus require a different set of skills. This is why we are open to different backgrounds when it comes to traineeship candidates. There are only two non-negotiable requirements: a master’s degree, and less than a year’s work experience. Applicants bring an intrinsic motivation to work at Axpo and in the energy industry. We are looking for candidates with a passion for continuous learning and innovative thinking. Axpo trainees go the extra mile to make an impact, they are proactive and independent with a desire to serve a meaningful purpose. At Axpo, we have two main languages: German and English. However, depending on the business area or country trainees work in, different language requirements may be necessary.  

During the recruitment process, we are always amazed by the talented candidates. Usually, the technical skills of the candidates are quite similar, so the key decision point comes down to a cultural fit in the end. We want to ensure that the values and ambitions of our final candidates match the Axpo environment, so we try to get to know every person during various touchpoints during the selection. 

How is the traineeship recruitment process structured? 

Twice a year, we hire 3 trainees. In a first step, we screen applications supported by a recorded video interview and an initial interview with HR. In a second step, suitable candidates are invited to a selection day, during which they get in touch with possible future supervisors and a mentor, and they are challenged with an assignment entailing a case study and a presentation. After the selection day, successful trainee candidates are contacted with the good news.  

Mathias Pawlowsky, Head Data Science
What are the Axpo opportunities open to trainee after the 18-month traineeship?

Over the past 4 years, we have had a 100% retention rate for our trainees. The recruitment process ensures that we select the best candidates to match our culture, values and teams. When trainees create added value for the respective teams, their colleagues notice. Usually, trainees find a permanent position within the team they worked in during their traineeship. In some cases, new positions are created for trainees. Axpo’s main goal with the traineeships is to develop young professionals in order for them to grow within our company.

Camille Mueller, Head Mergers and Acquisitions
How can a trainee tailor their traineeship experience?

Every trainee is responsible for their own career path and is encouraged to voice their interests in order to adapt the three assignments. During the traineeship, we place a distinct focus on individual growth, and for each trainee has a wide choice of departments as possible locations for them to expand their knowledge and skills in. We also work with mentoring programmes that offer guidance to trainees around their career path decisions. In addition, the trainee community encourages each trainee to get insights into different business units through exchange within the group during trainee lunches, coffee calls or other trainee events.  

A highlight of the programme is the collaboration with trainees

The traineeship develops strategic profiles for Axpo and supports young professionals in their first career step. It is amazing to see how they evolve and create added value for Axpo.

Are you inspired to apply for a traineeship? If so, check out our career website. If you want to have more insight into the different trainee profiles, there is a blog coming soon.  Don’t miss the next trainee hiring call, subscribe to our job alert to be notified.

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