Renewable energies

Renewable energies

Good for the environment, good for your image  

You can purchase electricity with added ecological value by choosing from our comprehensive range of guarantees of origin and green electricity products from a variety of technologies and with different qualities.

Axpo is the right partner for KEV (compensatory feed-in remuneration) producers who are looking for an external power marketing solution. Assign us the direct marketing task, benefit from the many advantages offered by the largest producer of renewable energies in Switzerland.

Our services: The advantage is yours

  • Our power plant park with hydropower and biomass facilities, and a diversified portfolio of additional technologies, enables regional and individual solutions in the area of renewable energies for energy suppliers.
  • Guarantees of origin for all technologies available in Switzerland, and quality labels for products from Switzerland and Europe for energy suppliers and companies.
  • Green electricity products with the broadly supported Swiss quality labels "naturemade basic" and "naturemade star" for companies and custom-configurable for energy suppliers.
  • We offer you additional revenues, long-term investment security, and reduced administrative and operative expenses through the direct marketing of renewable energies.

Direct marketing of renewable energies

As of 1 January 2020, the new cost-oriented, compensatory feed-in remuneration system with direct marketing (EVS) will apply for producers with larger KEV plants. This change holds opportunities and risks, and certainly more work for you.

The following producers/plants will be affected:

  • Operators of existing plants from 500 kW that have already been receiving compensatory feed-in remuneration since the end of 2017.
  • New plants from 100 kW that were accepted to the KEV programme after 2018.

Our solution for you

We take over the marketing of your electricity, guarantee feed-in to the current KEV programme, and you receive a fixed remuneration rate. If the market value is above the reference market price, we share the additional bonus with you. You receive feed-in premiums and compensation directly from Pronovo.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Reliable planning: You receive a fixed feed-in remuneration rate and can continue to plan reliably
  • No additional risk: You receive higher compensation as compared to the current system - with no additional risks
  • More revenues: You benefit from the opportunity of generating more revenues on the market
  • Customised contract: You can decide on a long-term contract
  • More capacity: You can focus on your core business

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We would be pleased to explain how our direct marketing programme works in a personal meeting. We will gladly review your situation and work out an individual solution. Send us an email - we are happy to be of service: 

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