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Smart Energy Lab Electricity is only as intelligent as we make it

Whenever we need it, electricity comes reliably from the plug socket. For this to be the case, innumerable factors must interact within the power supply system. Axpo's new permanent exhibition "Smart Energy Lab" at Umwelt Arena Spreitenbach conveys these interrelationships in an interactive and playful way.

Electricity is only as intelligent as we make it. Under this motto, visitors to the new "Smart Energy Lab" exhibition can now gain insight into the complex and interlinked power supply system as a whole.

Slide to charge your phone

Visitors will find five exhibits where they can balance power generation and consumption, trade on the electricity exchange or learn on the slide how much energy it takes to charge a mobile phone. The future power supply is also a topic of the exhibition. The challenge here is to ensure that Switzerland's electricity supply comes from the most sustainable sources possible - and at the same time to react to changes in the weather.

Guided tour or explore the library

The permanent exhibition "Smart Energy Lab" explains the complex world of power supply in an easy way to understand way on 200 square meters. Anyone who wants can register for a guided tour of the exhibition. After the tour, individual aspects can be explored in greater depth in the library. Information about the various power consumers and power generation technologies is available - on touch screens or in books.

You can find out about this and much more at the Axpo "Smart Energy Lab" exhibition in the Umwelt Arena Spreitenbach on the first floor.

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