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Power Customised energy solutions

Axpo offers a wide range of products and services customised to your energy needs.

While energy management presents major challenges for all market participants, Axpo offers a wide range of products and services tailored to meet your electricity needs. Customers benefit from Axpo's proven experience in energy optimisation, risk management and market analysis, as well as our Europe-wide presence. Your organisation’s consumption behaviour, appetite for price and quantity related risk, even the time available to spend on your project, can all influence the choice of procurement model. Axpo customers benefit from our comprehensive product portfolio, which offers both standard products and tailored energy solutions optimised to best manage your risk.

Our procurement models

Standard products

Standard products are suitable for clients or counterparties, such as energy supply companies, large industrial customers, and trading houses, that operate a structured electricity procurement system, have relevant expertise, and are active in energy trading.

Axpo customers and counterparties benefit from Axpo's direct access to 14 marketplaces, including stock exchanges and brokers.

All liquid traded baseload and peak electricity products – typically up to three front years in Switzerland and five in Germany – can be procured back-to-back through Axpo. For longer delivery periods, please contact us.

Axpo recommends that an appropriate framework agreement is drafted for the procurement of wholesale products. 

Full supply at a fixed price

Price hedging over the entire delivery period is usually from one to four years.

The full supply model at fixed prices is suitable for the following customers

  • Small to medium-sized industrial companies 
  • Customers who need planning security (made possible through a fixed price) 
  • Customers with limited resources to deal with electricity procurement; our model requires minimal input from the customer 

Customer risk

  • Electricity costs depend solely on how much energy is actually delivered; this is known as consumption-adjusted full supply

Axpo risk

  • Price risk remains with Axpo (from changing wholesale prices) 
  • Volume/profile risk in the event of over- or under-stocking remains with Axpo 
  • Balancing energy risks and costs is covered by Axpo 
  • Costs for forecast generation are covered by Axpo

Structured full supply

This is particularly suitable for customers who like to be close to the market, have the resources required to monitor its behaviour, and wish to profit from market fluctuations. This includes: 

  • Risk minimisation through the procurement of standard products on the market 
  • Base and peak products with different delivery periods, using customised solutions such as options, PPAs, and indexed products 
  • Secured quantities which can be adjusted before delivery 
  • Difference between purchased forward products and actual purchase (residual quantity) are covered on spot (hourly electricity price) 
  • Costs for forecast generation are covered by Axpo 
  • Balancing energy costs are also covered 

Tranche full supply

The tranche full supply model is suitable for customers who wish to:

  • Achieve an electricity price close to the market: price risk is minimised by the benefit of several purchase times

  • Profit from positive market fluctuations: time of purchase is determined by the customer

  • Benefit from Axpo's know-how: we support customers with market reports and analysis

  • Planning security before delivery: all tranches are purchased prior to delivery; the energy price is calculated as an average 

Procurement according to formula:

  • Tranche price depends on market prices
  • Number of tranches depends on amount of energy to be procured 
  • Cost of forecast generation covered by Axpo 
  • Balancing energy costs also covered 

Portfolio management

At Axpo, customers benefit from our portfolio managers’ long-standing experience of the electricity market and our analysts’ expertise. Working with you, we develop a risk strategy that fits your precise needs, including: 

  • Detailed market reports on the most important energy markets 
  • Personal advice from our experts
  • Regular workshops for strategy coordination 
  • Consistent pursuit of the risk strategy 
  • A customer portal with all important energy data 
  • Access to the spot and futures market, with live OTC prices

Tailored solutions

The various energy requirements of your company can rarely be met by a standard product. We listen and work with you to develop a solution tailored to your needs:

  • Analysis of your load profile and breakdown of risks

  • Optimisation of different risks

  • Combining a variety of products and services 

  • Highly rated risk management

Contact us

Whatever energy solution you require, we can provide you with competent, sound support. We would be happy to explain what we can do for you in a personal meeting.