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Energy Policy This is how Axpo positions itself on energy policy issues

Amendment to the Electricity Supply Act (requirements for systemically important companies)

The amendment to the Electricity Supply Act is intended to limit the economic risks of companies in the electricity industry that are deemed systemically important as a result of exceptional market situations. The far-reaching requirements are internationally unprecedented and give the impression that all conceivable risks can be avoided. Targeted regulation should focus on the existence of appropriate risk management and apply to all relevant market participants for reasons of equal treatment.

Amendment to the Electricity Supply Act (electricity reserve)

The amendment to the Electricity Supply Act creates the legal basis for the participation of reserve power plants, emergency power groups and CHP plants - in addition to hydropower plants - in the electricity reserve. Because further plants are to be contracted to replace the temporary reserve power plant in Birr after 2026 and the necessary project planning work must begin quickly, compensation is provided for the project developers in the event that the bill fails politically. Axpo welcomes this provision, but because of the urgency of the necessary project planning work, is also in favour of compensation in the event that prospective permits are ultimately not granted. Axpo is critical of the promotion of CHP plants, which is also provided for in the bill, because the plants are unsuitable as supplementary reserve power plants and existing incentive measures to reduce emissions would thus be weakened.

Federal law on screening foreign direct investment

This law on screening foreign direct investment is intended to prevent the takeover of Swiss companies by foreign investors if it would threaten public order or security. Accordingly, the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs will have the authority to screen and approve takeovers. Axpo objects to this draft legislation. It is unclear how requiring authorisation for foreign investment in critical energy supply infrastructure will prevent a threat to public order and security.  

Ordinance on the establishment of a hydropower reserve

Axpo welcomes the introduction of a hydropower reserve to avoid shortages, which are especially prevalent at the end of winter. However, the roles and responsibilities of the various stakeholders must be clearly defined and distinguished. All substantive decisions must be made by ElCom, with Swissgrid acting only as an implementer. In addition, the obligations of power plant operators to provide information must be limited to the minimum necessary. 

Amendment of the Energy Act

Axpo welcomes the Federal Council's intention to streamline and accelerate procedures. However, it is to be feared that the bill does not go far enough and may even have the opposite effect in parts. We particularly miss a clear political signal in the bill in favor of the energy transition and to strengthen security of supply. 

Federal law on a rescue fund for the electricity industry

Due to the unprecedented price volatility on the energy markets, electricity companies are facing demands for additional liquidity to safeguard Swiss production. To prevent defaults in the event of further price spikes, the federal government wants to provide financial assistance to so-called system-critical companies. However, the drafted law goes far beyond this justified objective and deeply interferes with current law.

Revision of the CO2 Act

The amendment of the CO2 Act incorporates the uncontested parts of the total revision rejected in last June’s vote and lays the foundations for Switzerland’s climate policy from 2025 onwards. A larger proportion of the CO2 levy is to be earmarked in future to finance the proposed measures. This revision of the law represents another wasted opportunity to base Switzerland’s long-term climate policy on a pure control system that encompasses additional areas.

Further Statements

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