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Security of Supply Largest producer of renewable energies in Switzerland

With more than 100 power plants, a 2,200 kilometre long distribution network, and pioneering long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs), Axpo provides around 40 per cent of Switzerland's electricity needs. Power supply is a complex process, its many factors needing to be finely balanced to work together successfully. As Switzerland’s largest electricity provider, we play a central role in ensuring the nation’s security of supply.

Over 100 power plants in Switzerland

Working with our partners, Axpo operates more than 100 power plants in Switzerland. Our climate-friendly Swiss electricity is generated by a mix of hydropower, biomass and nuclear energy and characterised by very low CO2 emissions. As the largest producer of hydropower, and thanks to our investments in biomass and fermentation plants as well as small hydroelectric power plants, Axpo is by far the biggest producer of renewable energies in Switzerland.

Power grids: central to the energy transition

For more than three decades, with a massive investment measured in billions, Axpo has been increasing the voltage on around 2,200 kilometres of our supra-regional electricity network in Switzerland from 50 to 110 kilovolts (that’s 110,000 volts). The increase doubles transmission capacity and significantly reduces network losses by 75 per cent. A powerful and stable network infrastructure is the basis of a secure power supply, especially given the increasing feed-in to the grid of weather-dependent renewable energies like wind and solar.

A secure power supply in winter

During the winter months, Switzerland produces less electricity than it consumes. In addition to imports, increasing electricity production in winter is therefore vital. We have taken various measures to achieve this. Part of our electricity production is shifted to the winter by retaining more water in our reservoirs. We also provide services to the federal reserve power plant, and participate in the federal hydropower reserve and pooling of emergency power groups’ capacities in winter.

Mattmark dam

Production and trade: a perfect combination for security of supply

Electricity production and electricity trading belong together. Anyone who produces electricity needs a buyer at all times, because Storm   power cannot be stored in sufficient quantities. Combining production and trading also enables tailor-made power purchase agreements, especially for renewable energies. This task is becoming increasingly challenging, however, as prices fluctuate with the growth in weather-dependent energy generation. Axpo's integrated business model brings added value, contributing to Switzerland’s security of supply, and reinforcing the energy transition.