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Services Innovative, tailor-made, agile

We offer a wide range of services to our customers, drawing on Axpo’s extensive energy industry experience and expertise. 

Fundamental analysis

Axpo’s energy markets analysis and meteorology experts cover all energy markets, from global coal and oil to natural gas (both pipeline and LNG), emissions trading and all European electricity markets. Additionally, our specialists monitor the weather and macroeconomic developments around the world that influence demand or supply on the energy markets.  

Our scenario analyses and forecasts of short-, mid- and long-term fundamentals are essential in the daily activities of Axpo traders, portfolio and risk managers, strategic decision-makers and origination desks. Based on our own models, our fundamental analysis experts provide a wide range of services, from standard reports to tailor-made analysis and event-driven insights.  


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Market access

Axpo customers gain access to every power exchange and can trade across various maturity periods, both physical and financial, for structured options, standard products or OTC transactions. 

Whether an upstream producer or a participant in the mid- to downstream energy sector, customers can benefit from our strong presence across all major European power markets. 

Over the years we have acquired significant physical and financial risk management and trading expertise. Customers and counterparties regularly acknowledge the quality of our services in the Energy Risk Commodity Rankings. 

Customer Portal

Axpo’s customer portal gives access to many of our services, enabling customers to smoothly manage their relationships with us in a way that best suits their individual needs.   

Our portal allows them to:   

  • See in one place all the information relevant to their energy contracts, using our reporting tool to view and analyse their consumption and production data.   
  • View all invoices, with as much or as little detail as they need.  
  • See up-to-date reports on energy portfolio transactions.  
  • Access the latest research and analysis from Axpo’s experts, along with important documents, including contracts and monthly energy market reports.  
  • Stay up to date with market news, prices and trends.  
  • Download the right data, information and reports when and where they need it.  
  • Communicate planned or unplanned outage events.  

These are just some of the many features available in Axpo’s customer portal. If you‘re interested in seeing just how good it is, please contact us to set up a trial account.  

Balancing group management 

An energy balancing group includes all the consumers and production units which need to be in balance at all times within a national or regional energy system.  The requirements of regulatory authorities for the management of balancing groups have increased significantly in recent years. Consequently, keeping a balancing group constantly in compliance with guidelines and obligations is an increasingly complex task. 

Axpo is a major player in this market. The Axpo balance group manages about one third of energy consumption and half of production in Switzerland. Thanks to the group’s considerable size, clients benefit from an important portfolio effect, minimising risk exposure and costs over time. Axpo also offers sub-balance group management to utilities and market-oriented industries. 

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