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Wood fuel procurement and logistics

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As Switzerland’s biggest buyer of wood fuel, Axpo Tegra is an expert when it comes to treatment and logistics. We carefully coordinate how the wood is prepared with how it is removed, guaranteeing our customers an efficient service for their wood fuel all year round.

We buy, process and transport

Our procurement managers deal directly with the forest owners when purchasing their wood – traditional wood fuel such as tips, crowns, branches and cuttings from landscaping. Our forestry and logistics partners use efficient machinery to chip the wood on site. It is then transported to Domat/Ems, where it is either further processed into high-quality fuel wood chips in our drying plants or used to generate electricity and heat in our biomass power plant.

How you benefit with Axpo Tegra

  • Various grades of wood accepted
  • A reliable purchaser with a large capacity
  • Year-round wood removal, including outside standard heating periods
  • Wood removed promptly and cleanly
  • Wood can also be removed at short notice at any time
  • Expertly organised chipping and transport chain
  • Billing settled quickly using credit notes
  • A single point of contact for forest owners, wood sellers and rangers
  • Maximum added value 

Other products and services

Dried Secolin wood chips

High-energy fuel

Dried Secolin covering wood chips

Top-quality mulching material

Wood drying services

Wood drying skills of Axpo Tegra

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