Some 4200 people with 150 different job profiles work at Axpo in over 30 European countries.

In times of change it's exciting to work in the energy sector and at Axpo: We hire about 200 new employees per year and offer our motivated, committed staff a wide range of training and continuing education opportunities.

Axpo's real energy comes from its employees.


What's important to Axpo?

"Working with different stakeholders offers diversity and excitement." Kathrin, Originator.

Customer focus is important to Axpo: Axpo speaks the language of its customers. Axpo offers energy solutions individually tailored to customers locally at over 30 locations in Europe. Because we’re present locally we’re familiar with the culture, legal and regulatory conditions, as well as the respective market mechanisms.

„At Axpo we have a variety of cultures and all of them bring something special to the table.” Emiliano, Head Gas Trading West Europe

Diversity is important to Axpo: Different cultures and backgrounds from over 30 countries contribute to Axpo's diversity. Diversity creates space for new things, and the variety of people and skills enable the development of promising energy solutions for tomorrow. Variety is the basis for Axpo's innovative power.

"I get to manage motivated people here." Christoph, Head Credit Risk Management.

Employee autonomy is important to Axpo: Managers support their employees and give them key responsibilities.

"In my job, I always encourage comradeship among my co-workers." Michele, Team Leader Assembly

Teamwork is important to Axpo: Axpo cultivates common values and encourages open, active, honest communication between employees. Furthermore, Axpo promotes the abilities of employees to cooperate and develop relationships inside and outside of their own areas in order to reach overarching objectives.

"At Axpo I can balance professional and private life." Andrea, Assistant

Work-life balance is important to Axpo: At Axpo, different work time models give employees the leeway needed to carry out their duties flexibly. With weekly working times, employees can determine their working hours in tune with hobbies and family.

"I can apply what I learned in my studies." Johannes, Line Manager Asset Analysis

Young specialists are important to Axpo: Axpo gives young specialists the opportunity to enter careers and supports them with internal continuing education programmes.