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Solar power – Energy with a future

The development of the solar industry is going in one direction only and that's up. In turn, prices for photovoltaic energy have dropped continuously in recent years. What's more, climate-friendly energy production is gaining in importance. These factors are driving solar energy. The technology is also an important growth market for Axpo.

Along the entire value chain

After entering the wind business, Axpo will now launch activities in solar energy with the acquisition of the French photovoltaic developer Urbasolar. In doing so, Axpo continues to consistently pursue a strategy for profitable growth in the international business. With Urbasolar, Axpo will be active along the entire solar energy value chain (planning, construction, operation).  

The potential of photovoltaics in Switzerland

Under the Energy Strategy 2050, about 25 TWh or over 40 per cent of total energy consumption in Switzerland must be replaced with renewable energy sources. The expansion of photovoltaic (PV) is becoming increasingly important. Not only photovoltaic systems on the rooftops of homes and industrial buildings could play an important role, but also PV systems in the high alpine region. 

PV systems on Swiss rooftops

With its subsidiary CKW, Axpo is making a strong commitment for the expansion of solar plants on Swiss rooftops. CKW offers solutions for home-owners as well as business customers. The systems have a dual use: As environmentally-friendly energy power plants, as well as efficient roofing and hail protection for vehicles.  

Solar energy - an important future market

With Urbasolar, Axpo will be active along the entire solar energy value chain (planning, construction, op-eration).

Photovoltaics has a future

Christoph Sutter on the opportunities for solar energy development

First non-subsidised solar plant

Axpo has been investing in PV systems in Europe for years. With its long-term power purchase agreements (PPA) Axpo enables the operation of PV systems without subsidies. One example: A PPA extending to the year 2029 that includes a long-term price and supply guarantee for the generated solar power from a newly constructed photovoltaic plant in Portugal. Thanks to the PPA a solar plant can be operated on the Iberian Peninsula without any subsidies for the first time ever. Axpo has laid the foundation for the development of similar construction projects in upcoming years.

Solar power directly from the producer

Solar power directly from the neighbour: With a blockchain-based online platform regional solar power can be easily procured. The Axpo spin-off Elblox allows regional operators of solar, wind, hydro and biomass plants to sell their produced electricity directly to local end customers via this online marketplace. In turn, consumers can select and order their power mix on the platform. With the platform, Elblox has the potential to become the leading provider of online marketplaces for personalised energy in Europe and, hence, a promoter of solar and renewable energy in general.  

A solar plant on your roof

Our subsidiary CKW is the partner for businesses or households

Non-subsidised solar plant

Annual production of about 50 GWh

Green electricity trading platform

Solar power from the region

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