Digestate, compost and wood products

Fertilisers, composts and wood products

High-quality products for your plants

During business hours, you can buy the various products straight from our stocks at our fermentation plants and composting sites. 

Off to the garden

Sustainable and affordable local soil for gardens and raised beds

Spring offer

Whether you live in the countryside or the city, you can grow your own vegetables right outside your door. Plant what you'd like to eat and harvest fresh, organic vegetables. Growing your own vegetables, herbs and flowers brings you closer to nature and helps you do your bit for the environment.

Axpo provides everything you'll need – fertilisers, composts and wood products – to fill your raised beds to ensure successful plant growth. In our brochure, you'll find all the information you need about the various filling materials as well as valuable tips and tricks for working with your raised bed.

At your local Kompogas site, you'll find the perfect soil for every kind of gardening. These products are available to pick up while stocks last. 


Natural fertilizer

Private customers can take the natural fertilizer on our plants. Bring your packaging and fill your natural fertilizer yourself.

How do I dispose of organic waste correctly?

  • Important: Only use compostable organic rubbish sacks (compobag). These can be recognised by the grid markings on them.
  • Do not use normal plastic bags to dispose of organic waste. These are made using petroleum and contaminate the compost soil. 

Axpo Kompogas' business customers

More information about Axpo Kompogas and our work with business customers. 

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