Energy trading

Energy solutions for customers throughout Europe

Axpo is an established name in European energy trading and is a leading energy company. Other market players regularly honour us with the highest scores when it comes to rankings. Counterparties are assessed based on criteria such as price, flexibility, market-making, reliability, integrity and speed of processing.

Axpo trades in energy volumes and financial products on around 30 energy exchanges, via numerous broker platforms and direct with counterparties (over-the-counter or OTC). We trade in electricity, natural gas, crude oil, coal and biomass, as well as in diverse certificates such as CO2 certificates and green certificates for energy from renewable sources. We cover the entire timescale, from intraday trades to multi-year contracts.

Axpo named the best power trader in the world

Every year, the trade magazines "Risk" and "Energy Risk" ask some 1,500 market players and customers to assess counterparties in energy trading according to criteria such as price, flexibility, market making, reliability, integrity and processing speed. Axpo has established itself as a regular in the top positions - an indication that the corporate strategy to expand international presence and business activities, and the focus on speed, agility and professional risk management are bearing fruit.

In the meantime, Axpo is the leader in nine categories. The company figures at the top - as often times in the past - among the worldwide best power trading companies. In addition, Axpo achieved top positions in power trading in numerous countries such as Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy as well as in Northern Europe. In most cases, Axpo has placed as the number 1 or among the top 3 for several years in the past. In France and Eastern Europe, Axpo moved up the ranks to 2nd place this year.

Axpo is not only a leader in power trading. It is positioned in the top ranks for the categories in gas trading. The company was voted the best market player in the category Italy (gas hub PSV) and was among the best in the worldwide ranking for "Natural Gas Dealers". As in the previous year, Axpo also placed in the top 10 worldwide ranking for commodity trading: The category "Best Overall Dealers" includes companies that mainly deal in oil, gas, power, fuels, coal, iron ore, metals and emission certificates.

Domenico De Luca, Head of Trading and Sales at Axpo, comments: "Axpo's sustainable success in the survey is thanks to our specialists and their extensive know-how in the individual countries. I am pleased that the expansion of our international business activities is clearly bearing fruit, and that our customers and partners value our work. We understand their needs and try to find the best solution for every issue."