The Power of People

Axpo brings together the experience and expertise of more than 6,000 employees who are driven by a passion for innovation, collaboration and making positive change. With state-of-the-art technology, Axpo meets the evolving needs of its customers in over 30 countries in Europe, North America and Asia. Today, Axpo is Switzerland’s largest producer of renewable energy, as well as an international leader in energy trading and the marketing of solar and wind power.

Working at Axpo

At Axpo, all employees have the freedom to develop their personal skills and potential and to remain true to themselves. Axpo lives a culture that is free of prejudices about age, gender, origin, education, religion, disability or sexual orientation. We promote uniqueness. Because uniqueness creates diversity. And diversity promotes growth and is our driving force. 

Developing professionally also means reconciling work and family or other areas of life. With various working models, such as working from home, flexible working hours, holiday purchases, part-time work and job sharing, Axpo enables its employees to find this balance between work and family. 

Power the world with what powers you

At Axpo, you have the power to make a positive change. The power to channel your full potential in order to redefine the world of energy. Worldwide.

You have the opportunity to make a difference. With your ability to question the status quo and raise the bar – for the energy industry and your own career.

And with your drive to progress as part of an international team. A team that believes in working together to achieve a common goal and in doing so, inspires others to follow.

At Axpo, your power defines progress.

For the energy industry.

For your career.

For the world.

Our Leadership Principles

The future of energy requires a culture of innovation. Our employees thrive in an environment that fosters expertise, leadership and entrepreneurial thinking, offering them countless opportunities to learn, grow, collaborate and shine.

One of the most important powers at Axpo is the people. Axpo has over 6,000 talented, highly qualified employees, who all work hard to create added value for our customers, partners and stakeholders. Here we focus on skills, leadership and development. 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Be a leader. Create the future. Make it happen. Care about people. These are our leadership principles, which apply to all of us: everyone is a leader. 

Be a Leader

  • Lead by example
  • Take ownership
  • Add value

Create the Future

  • Focus on results
  • Experiment and innovate
  • Exceed customer expectations 

Make it Happen

  • Work as a team
  • Create solutions and utilise opportunities
  • Act entrepreneurially and deliver results

Care about People

  • Communicate actively, candidly and respectfully
  • Embrace feedback to grow
  • Lead with empathy

Exciting field of activitiy

Axpo is active along the entire energy value chain. We can therefore offer exciting career opportunities in energy trading and sales, in energy production and distribution, and in services. Find out more about our activities and let us inspire your next career move.

Energy trading and sales

We specialise in trading and selling energy products and services in Europe, Asia and North America. Our activities include marketing the electricity produced by Axpo, trading on international energy exchanges, and developing tailored solutions such as power purchase agreements (PPAs) for business customers.

Our analysts work closely with traders to develop short-, medium- and long-term trading strategies based on market news, data and models. Besides exceptional analytical skills, they have comprehensive knowledge of quantitative methods and are skilled at identifying emerging key trends.

With our IT systems and highly qualified IT experts, we gain valuable insights and findings from the enormous volumes of data that we receive each day. Making use of cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence, we develop energy solutions for the future.

As entrepreneurial thinkers, we recognise the value of having a modern, professionally implemented risk management system. Our large team of highly qualified risk specialists has extensive expertise in various fields (including the financial sector), which it puts to effective use each day in the energy business.

Axpo’s skilled product developers create specific products and tailored solutions to meet the complex requirements of customers in the energy sector. This calls for strong analytical skills and a customer-centric approach. 

Our trading specialists combine strong analytical and management skills with a high level of risk awareness and resilience. They trade various products on different European trading exchanges, including electricity, natural gas, biomass, oil, coal, and CO2 and green certificates for energy from renewable sources.

Energy production and distribution

Our production and distribution team is responsible for the safe and reliable operation of Axpo’s power plants and distribution networks. As evolving energy needs and technological advances drive the world’s transition to renewable energies, we empower and encourage our people to lead this shift with innovative approaches and technical expertise.

Ensuring that our power plants are safe, reliable and environmentally friendly is our top priority. This commitment can be seen across all our operations – whether large-scale hydropower, pumped storage, nuclear energy, gas, small-scale hydropower, wind energy, biomass or photovoltaics. The operations and maintenance teams that look after our electrical and technical systems make an active contribution to energy security. Our existing power plants and facilities are maintained by engineers experienced in the fields of renewables, hydropower and nuclear power. These engineers are also responsible for the planning and execution of new projects. With their extensive technical expertise and their entrepreneurial spirit, they are perfectly equipped to build a future characterised by innovation and progress.

Our network engineers are involved in the construction, operation and maintenance of distribution networks for Axpo and third-party companies. These tasks call for electrical engineering expertise, a systematic and results-oriented approach, and an understanding of the customers’ needs.

Our data scientists drive the digital transformation of our production facilities and networks. With large volumes of data to fuel data analytics and predictive maintenance, we can optimise our existing business streams and unlock new business areas. The future of efficient energy production and supply depends on data. Our highly qualified data scientists are leading the way by applying their knowledge and experience to create innovative solutions.


At Axpo, experience and expertise are combined to great effect. Our Services team focuses primarily on corporate functions, finance and management, but also supports operations colleagues with issues such as digitalisation, innovation management and corporate strategy. With their specialist expertise and communication skills, they can respond swiftly to the needs of internal business partners and guide them through change processes.

Our finance specialists work primarily in the areas of accounting, treasury, risk management, tax, procurement, insurance, project management and corporate information management, with a focus on optimising, automating and digitalising processes.

The Axpo management team provides support and advice in the areas of strategy and energy management, partnering and investing, compliance and ethics, human resources, legal and regulatory, communications and public relations, and transformation and technology. With their entrepreneurial mindset and leadership skills, they are able to support both internal and external stakeholders.


"The freedom to use my skills, expertise, commercial acumen and creativity has a significant impact on Axpo's success, as well as my own within the organization. Being actively involved in the green transition, in a country where the energy mix is heavily dominated by coal, gives me the satisfaction of serving a meaningful purpose. At the same time, what drives me is being able to use my expertise and all available tools to help clients take full advantage of the current market environment to achieve their goals." 

Mateusz Marczewski, Senior Originator Axpo Poland

"I value my impact in Axpo in terms of how much my colleagues' daily activities are eased by the tools I provide them with (either models or automations): I truly believe data-driven hints can lead the way to statistically robust and, hopefully, more effective decision making processes withing Axpo." 

Annalisa Perasso, Data Scientist Axpo Italia

"Axpo is an unique workplace that unleashes potential in employees and creates an atmosphere that fosters the spirit of entrepreneurship. I personally appreciate the mutual support and cooperation of management, peers and other colleagues. It generates the required energy to steer Axpo in the right direction. My curiosity of the world and the desire to understand the philosophy of life in different dimensions drives me to continuously develop myself further in my private and professional life."

Joanna Sasak, CFO Poland


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