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Recruiting at Axpo

Please provide your CV and reference letter (if you have one). The letter of motivation is optional and should only be submitted if it is explicitly addressed to Axpo. 

We post all available vacancies on our job platform. Subscribe to our job alert and be the first to know about openings that match your profile. Please note that Axpo does not accept unsolicited applications.

No. It depends on the department and location. In trading and sales in Switzerland, for example, the main language is English. In locations other than Switzerland, the primary language is generally the local language plus English. However, there are some departments in Switzerland, such as Power, where speaking German is currently still required. We review all specifications regularly, so this might change over time as Axpo evolves. 

For us, interviews aren’t just about asking loads of questions. Of course, we will check what your technical knowledge is. But it’s just as important for us to get to know each other. We want to ensure a good cultural and team fit for both sides.  

Learning and development

We empower our people’s ongoing development through various learning formats. We provide formal and informal development opportunities as well as on-the-job training. We also offer flexible cost and time-sharing models to support you in pursuing further education, including additional degrees or professional certificates.

We understand that international work experience is an enriching development opportunity, and we offer short-term assignments abroad for high-potential candidates. Exact details will depend on your role at Axpo. All assignments have to be discussed individually with your line manager. 

Everyone learns differently, which is why we offer a wide range of learning formats. We believe in empowering our people to learn at any time, anywhere, and using their preferred device. The Axpo Academy offers video tutorials, interactive e-learning modules, access to LinkedIn Learning, virtual webinars, knowledge sharing events, and classroom trainings. Axpo is a diverse organisation and benefits from the breadth of our people’s different professional backgrounds, experience, and knowledge. It’s also why we support the exchange of knowledge within the organisation and promote a culture of learning from others. Autonomy and a thirst for knowledge are essential for personal development and professional success at Axpo. 

Axpo’s people enjoy part-time arrangements, flexible working hours, opportunities for remote working and help with childcare costs. 

Axpo does not have a traditional, fixed career path. While this approach offers no guarantee of linear progression, it does promise room for experimentation, learning and development in a variety of fields. Career progression at Axpo includes scope for evolution across different subject areas so you can grow your knowledge and expertise in all directions. Wherever you go at Axpo, we’ll ask you to take responsibility and show initiative in your role. 

We empower all our people to make the most of their career at Axpo. With a dedicated talent management programme, we support our high-potential people  according to their specific needs. When you’re ready, we introduce you to challenging, complex or more senior roles and activities. As we post all jobs internally, there’s plenty of opportunity to seek out new experiences within Axpo.

We know that the best solutions come from different viewpoints. Our various networks – including female executives, talents, junior staff and - subject matter experts across - – encourage discussion, development and mutual support. We also help our people to connect informally through our Axpo Academy, Axpo’s Culture Club and sporting events. 


Our tailored trainee programme runs for 18 months. 

The trainee recruitment process starts in March/April and October of each year and interviews are held the following month.

We require candidates to hold a degree at master's level, ideally in one of the following fields: engineering, computer science, mathematics, physics or economics.

The ideal trainee should want to join a challenging environment in the evolving energy industry. We expect you to be ambitious and willing to go the extra mile. You should be an analytical thinker who is up for some exciting and demanding challenges. We’re looking for strong communication skills, confidence and an ability to think outside the box. With high motivation to perform and an innovative mindset, you’re willing to take on responsibility and learn continuously.

The trainee recruitment process starts in March/April and October of each year and interviews are held the following month. In a next step, suitable candidates are invited to a Selection Day. This is an opportunity to meet your potential future supervisors and mentors (dates will be announced during the recruitment process).  

Although we can’t make guarantees, Axpo has had a 100% retention rate of trainees in the last five years. If your performance is high, your team members will notice and make an effort to keep your skills and talents within the team and our company. 

As a trainee, you get direct know-how and insights from experienced colleagues across the Axpo Group, and can develop your own skills through inspiring and challenging tasks. Axpo offers you freedom, flexibility and an open corporate culture where new ideas are welcome. At the same time, you can develop your own skills, tackle exciting challenges and take on responsibility. You’ll rotate through different departments in Switzerland or in other countries, giving you the chance to collaborate in diverse teams and build up a company-wide network. 


Yes, we welcome proposals for a bachelor’s or master’s thesis on energy, innovation and sustainability topics. You can apply here.

An internship at Axpo lasts four to six months. As an intern, you can support our experts in their day-to-day business and actively participate in projects. 

Internship positions are regularly posted on our job platform based on current business needs so there isn’t a specific deadline. If you’re interested in an internship at Axpo, why not sign up for our job alert? Then you’ll be one of the first to know if a new internship position is posted. 

For an internship, you should have completed at least four semesters of your bachelor’s degree. We are especially interested in students who are studying engineering, mathematics, physics, computer science or economics.

You should have completed at least four semesters of your studies, be highly committed, reliable and willing to learn. We are looking for interns with great ideas and an innovative mindset. 

Our positions are mostly available for a workload of 80% or more. However, there are exceptions enabling a lower workload. 

You can apply for internship positions online. If we like your profile, we’ll invite you to a virtual or on-site interview. In some cases, you might be asked to complete a small assignment or prepare a case study for discussion during your interview.

This depends on the current personnel requirements of your future team. Each situation is handled individually. 


At Axpo, every individual contribution helps shape a more sustainable world. We encourage our people to use their skills and knowledge to make a difference in the energy transition and be part of this change. We never stop learning and striving to be our best. New challenges, roles and perspectives take us on a journey of growth and personal development. We encourage, recognise and reward our people’s effort and performance. Additionally, Axpo is an extremely diverse company. Our employees come from around 60 different countries and are active in a wide range of professional fields. We seek to increase the proportion of female employees and managers. Diversity in every respect is becoming increasingly important for corporate success in the face of technological, demographic and social change.

Axpo operates along the entire energy value chain with fields of activity ranging from power production, grid and services to trading and sales.


If you’re thinking of applying for an apprenticeship but want to discover more before you commit, you may find it helpful to do a trial apprenticeship first. We place great emphasis on a good fit, so are happy to offer trials for all our professional training options.

Axpo offers apprenticeships in the following areas: Construction insulator, polymechanic, cook, technician, production mechanic, maintenance specialist, commercial clerk, electrical planner, IT specialist and plant operator. Subscribe to our job alert and be one of the first to know when new apprenticeships are posted.

Apprenticeships at Axpo begin each August. The recruitment process for the positions starts in the summer of the previous year. 


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