Get to know our recruiters

At Axpo, we strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for everybody starting with our recruitment process. During our interviews, our focus lies on ensuring a cultural match and getting to know you better. Naturally, we want to offer you the chance to familiarize yourself with Axpo’s culture, and us, as well. Make your first acquaintance with our recruiters in the sneak peek below. 

Roger Hofer

"Be yourself!"

How I stay full of energy: Going mountain biking in the hills and woods with close friends.

My personal application tip: Be open and relaxed for an interview; be yourself.

What fascinates me about my job at Axpo: Our work is exciting and varied. At Axpo you’ll meet committed people and experience good teamwork.

What sets Axpo apart as an attractive employer: Axpo offers flexible working hours and a state-of-the-art infrastructure.



Raphael Wildi

"Start your interview with a smile"

How I stay full of energy: I usually round off my dynamic and varied workday with sports and exercise. It helps me clear my mind, so I’m ready to start the next day full of energy again.

My personal application tip: A smile will get your interview off to a good start. And being open and honest during the application process will lay the foundations for a long and successful career at Axpo.

What fascinates me about my job at Axpo: My role is dynamic and varied. No two days are the same, which makes it very exciting.

What sets Axpo apart as an attractive employer: Definitely the work atmosphere. Everyone pulls together and supports each other to achieve the goals and perform to their best ability as a team



Nadine Bühler

"Ask questions"

How I stay full of energy: My job means I spend a lot of time in front of the computer. This makes it all the more important that I get some exercise outside of work. I love playing sports with friends. To me, the ball symbolises teamwork.

My personal application tip: The interview is aimed at getting to know you better and finding out your strengths and what you hope to achieve in your new job. But it also gives you the chance to find out more about Axpo and the team. Make the most of this opportunity! What appeals to you about Axpo? What is important to you in a job? Will we be able to meet your expectations?

What fascinates me about my job at Axpo: I’m interested in people and I like to put smiles on faces. At Axpo, I learn something new every day and get to meet interesting candidates. And because I’m in contact with so many different personalities, my people skills are also improving all the time.

What sets Axpo apart as an attractive employer: The good working environment and the way that everyone supports each other – not just within the team but throughout the whole company.


Luca Brugnano

"Find out whether we’re a good match"

How I stay full of energy: I’m passionate about my work. I discovered my passion for recruiting future colleagues in a similar way to how I became a big fan of AS Roma the first time I saw Francesco Totti play.

My personal application tip: Be yourself! It will help us find out if we’re a good match, and it will also make you feel less nervous.

What fascinates me about my job at Axpo: I enjoy the dynamism, but I also like the human aspects of talent acquisition. I recruit people for a wide range of exciting roles, from trader to analyst to software engineer. The international working environment in Trading & Sales also fascinates and motivates me. 

What sets Axpo apart as an attractive employer: The company is dynamic, innovative and always striving to improve. I can identify with that myself. 


Marcel Oesen

”A good interview preparation is half the battle”

How I stay full of energy: Hiking in the mountains is an important balance for me and ensures that my battery can recharge with energy.

My personal application tip: Remain authentic in the design of your dossier and show what motivates you for the job.

What fascinates me about my job at Axpo: I am particularly fascinated by the appreciative culture and the collegial cohesion.

What sets Axpo apart as an attractive employer: The focus is on the employee! Axpo attaches great importance to the professional and personal development of its employees. The in-house Academy offers great opportunities for this.

Ian Steinmann

”A picture is worth a thousand words”

How I stay full of energy: I play golf as a balance to my daily work routine. The challenge of golf and being out in the fresh air always keeps me energised.

My personal application tip: Even if it is no longer a must, you should take the chance to convince with your application picture.

What fascinates me about my job at Axpo: It fascinates and motivates me every day to implement the vision, mission and strategic direction of the Axpo recruiting team.

What sets Axpo apart as an attractive employer: Axpo attaches great importance to fair salaries that take into account your function, experience and personal performance.