Beznau nuclear power plant: Unit 2 back on grid

23.12.2015 - The Beznau nuclear power plant (KKB) has completed the approximately 120-day overhaul of Unit 2. The plant is scheduled to go back on grid today upon approval by the Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate (ENSI). The annually recurring revision and inspection work, as well as the implementation of the major projects already realised on Unit 1, was successfully completed on schedule. The ultra-sound measurements on the reactor pressure vessel did not produce any abnormal results.

The major projects involve retrofitting and upgrading, which will enhance the already high level of safety and improve plant availability. The new, redundant, autarkic emergency power supply and the new plant information system, as well as the replacement of the reactor pressure vessel heads, were implemented as preventative measures in view of continued operation of the plant well beyond the year 2020.In the course of the restart, KKB Unit 2 will undergo various safety tests. The restart is carried out in incremental steps up to power operation. The plant is expected to be operating at full load in about two days. Steam is emitted from the non-nuclear section when the power plant is started up.

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