Kraftwerke Ilanz AG: Solid financial year despite lower annual production


22.03.2017 - Today, the General Meeting of Kraftwerke Ilanz AG (KWI) approved the annual financial statement 2015/16 and the payment of a 1.25% dividend from the share capital of CHF 50 million. The persistent drought in the fall and winter months resulted in lower power production.

KWI’s annual production in the reporting year (1 October 2015 – 30 September 2016) reached 252.7 million kWh, corresponding to 96.2% of the 10-year average and a decrease of 14% as compared to the previous year. The ratio of winter and summer energy was 26% to 74%.

Water inflows were lower due to the dry fall/winter 2015/16 as compared to the previous year, which benefited from the rainy months in the fall of 2014 and melt water during the hot, dry summer months of 2015. The overall run-of-river water inflow comprised a turbined water volume of 446.2 million m³ from the Tavanasa power station of Kraftwerke Vorderrhein AG, and the total inflow of 175.0 million m³ from the Tavanasa water catchment. The useable inflow amounted to 582.2 million m³ in the reporting year (previous year 806.2 million m³).

In the reporting year, high waters in the summer months of June/July 2016 made it necessary to divert the Ual da Siat water catchment on certain days. The access roads to the catchment and the Pigniu reservoir had to be cleared and repaired owing to landslides.

During the plant shutdown in the spring of 2016, various inspections and maintenance work in the pressure tunnel were carried out at the Tavanasa stage. The inspected facilities are in good condition.

The low annual production as compared to the previous year resulted in an increase in production costs by 0.13 cents/kWh to 3.93 cents/kWh (previous year 3.80 cents/kWh) despite lower total annual costs of CHF 9.716 million (previous year CHF 10.972 million).

Board of Directors

In the course the new elections, the shareholders at the General Meeting reappointed Jörg Huwyler, Ernst Sax, Dr. Jürg Wädensweiler, Hans-Peter Zehnder, and elected Clau Schlosser as members of the Board of Directors for a one-year term.

The shareholders of Kraftwerke Ilanz AG (KWI) are Axpo Power AG (85%), the Canton of Grisons (10%) as well as the shareholder communities of Breil/Brigels, Waltensburg/Vuorz, Andiast and Ilanz/Glion with 5%.

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