Executives & Directors

CEO and Executive Board

Responsibility for the management of the Axpo Group lies with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), who is supported by a Deputy CEO and the Executive Board. The CEO has overall responsibility to the Board of Directors. The Executive Board, chaired by the CEO, coordinates and monitors the Group's business activities.

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Thomas Sieber, Chairman and Delegate of the Board of Directors, CEO a.i.

Andy Heiz, Deputy CEO, Head of Production & Grids Division, Member of the Executive Board

Domenico De Luca, Head of Trading & Sales Division, Member of the Executive Board

Martin Schwab, CEO CKW, Member of the Executive Board

Joris Gröflin, CFO, Member of the Executive Board

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Axpo Group is appointed by the Shareholders’ General Meeting. Members are proposed by the shareholders and elected for a 2-year term. They can be re-elected. Members do not perform executive functions within the Group.

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Audit and Finance Committee

Stefan Kessler, Chairman

Dorothée Deuring

Dr. Peter Kreuzberg

Stephan Kuhn, Deputy

Compensation and Nomination Committee

Dr. Hanspeter Fässler, Chairman

Stephan Kuhn

Thomas Sieber, Deputy

Strategy Committee

Roland Eberle, Chairman

Dr. Hanspeter Fässler

Roger Wüthrich-Hasenböhler

Thomas Sieber, Deputy


The shares of Axpo Holding AG are wholly owned by the cantons of Northeastern Switzerland and the cantonal utilities.

  in % 19 December 2014, in CHF million
Canton of Zurich 18.342 67.9
Power stations of the Canton of Zurich 18.410 68.1
Canton of Aargau 13.975 51.7
AEW Energy AG 14.026 51.9
SAK Holding AG 12.501 46.3
EKT Holding AG 12.251 45.3
Canton of Schaffhausen 7.875 29.1
Canton of Glarus 1.747 6.5
Canton of Zug 0.873 3.2
Total 100 370.0