Environmentally friendly travel through the Eternal City

They call it the Eternal City with eternal traffic. Thanks to Axpo, the turbulent traffic in the Italian capital city is at least becoming more environmentally friendly. Locals and tourists can now explore Rome conveniently with an electric car and without having to en-dure long waits at the petrol pumps: Axpo Italia has created an extensive network of charging stations at central locations within the city limits of Rome. The initiative marks the start of Axpo Italia’s plans to accelerate the expansion of e-mobility infrastructure in the Apennines.

Green hydrogen – a sector with a promising future

Axpo is planning to use existing Swiss hydropower plants for the production of green hydrogen. One such installation is planned at the Wildegg-Brugg hydropower plant, the largest in Switzerland with 2,000 tonnes of H2 annually. Another such installation is to be set up at the Eglisau-Glattfelden power station. Axpo is setting its sights on hydrogen internationally too: as part of its participation in Swiss Green Gas International AG (SGGI), Axpo will be setting up power-to-X plants in northern Europe. In Italy, Axpo is working with ABB to research new technologies along the entire hydrogen supply chain. The company has also joined up with Italian service and consultancy company RINA to form partnerships to build a robust hydrogen supply chain.

Flexibility with batteries

Axpo has long been active in the construction, operation, management and marketing of large-scale batteries in Switzerland and beyond. The company delivers a total of around 100 megawatts of battery storage capacity to the European market. In the 2020/21 financial year, Axpo began with the installation of a 6.25 MW-capacity battery storage system at its subsidiary CKW in Rathausen in Lucerne, the only one of its kind in Switzerland. It has also taken on the management and marketing of a recently constructed battery storage system in Domat/Ems from Rhiienergie, with a capacity of 1.25 MW. Axpo also offers battery solutions for smaller scale applications, for instance flexible and mobile power sources for building sites and events.

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