Focused strategy

Energy markets are in the midst of fundamental change. Global decar-bonisation efforts, the ambitious climate objectives of the European Union and the Swiss 2050 energy strategy present major challenges for energy companies. With its clear strategy, Axpo set a course early on so it could address these challenges from a position of strength. The strategy focuses on three cornerstones: the expansion of renewable energies, the growth of international customer business and trading, and a pioneering role on the road towards a carbon-free future in Switzerland. 

International: focus on renewable energies

Internationally, Axpo has set its sights clearly on renewable energies when it comes to growth ambitions, particularly wind and PV in our core markets of Germany and France and in promising markets like Spain and Italy. Trading continues to undergo further development, using the latest data management, models and analytics. In terms of origination, the past year has seen Axpo continue to accelerate its growth and increase its market lead. Once again, the company has concluded numerous long-term purchase agreements for renewable energies (PPA) in a number of countries. 

Switzerland: how to ensure the energy transition succeeds

In Switzerland, Axpo is investing in the optimisation of hydropower, the expansion of renewable energies, in hydrogen and battery projects and the efficient and safe operation of nuclear power plants. For the last seven years, Axpo has maintained a ratio of 3:1 for investments in Switzerland and abroad. Axpo also contributes its extensive expertise and international experience to discussion around the energy transition and collaborates on the development of constructive solutions. In this context, Axpo has devised a scenario of how Switzerland can navigate the energy transition while at the same time maintaining high security of supply. It shows that the required expansion of renewable energies is possible if the relevant approvals and financing options are in place.

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