Making the tortilla climate friendly

Enjoying a Spanish national dish in good conscience? Axpo Iberia has made it possible – at least from an ecological point of view. That’s because Spain’s biggest producer and marketer of fresh potatoes uses electricity generated from renewable sources to reduce its carbon emissions: Patatas Meléndez has installed a solar energy system at its headquarters that covers 20% of the company’s electricity requirements. Axpo Iberia supplies the market leader in Spain’s fresh potato sector with the rest of its electricity from renewable energies too. 

Value in manure

Axpo makes renewable energy and nutrient-rich natural fertiliser out of horse manure. One such occasion where it did so was at the famous show jumping tournament Longins CSIO, which was held in St. Gallen this summer. Roughly 130 tonnes of manure were converted into biogas at the Axpo Niederuzwil fermentation plant, then fed directly into the gas grid after a further processing stage. In addition to energy, nutrient-rich natural fertiliser is also generated. The natural fertiliser is then used to produce natural horse bedding, i.e. it is returned to the horses – the circular economy at its finest.

More on this in our video (German only): 

Memorable sports events

What a day, what a successful debut: PluSport day goes local. The COVID-19 pandemic saw the biggest and most popular sports event for people with disabilities take place in different locations throughout Switzerland for the first time on 11 July – with Axpo as a long-standing partner and main sponsor. Five different circuits were held at 24 locations, with more than 500 athletes taking part.

Video highlights from the memorable sports events are available here: