Axpo solar offensive

We use the power of the sun and plan the largest solar offensive in our history. By 2030, we want to implement around 4,200 solar projects in Switzerland in the mountains and the midlands. Switzerland is facing a major challenge: by 2050 we will be short of around 50 terawatt hours of electricity. Therefore, we urgently need to build more renewables in order to achieve the energy transition and ensure a high level of supply security.

Axpo is increasing its solar ambition in Switzerland by a factor of six: by 2030 the company plans to build solar plants with a capacity of more than 1.2 gigawatts. This is enough to meet the annual needs of more than 300,000 Swiss households.

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The recent project in the mountains

The energy transition requires the development of renewable energies on all fronts. Large-scale solar plants play an important role.They are to be built both in the mountains and, in future, in the Swiss midlands. 

Axpo has identified projects. One of these is "NalpSolar", a 10MW ground-mounted system that we want to build near the Nalps reservoir in the canton of Grisons at around 2,000 metres above sea level. 

"NalpSolar" at a glance

Solar development in the midlands

Axpo is already building more than two roof systems per day in Switzerland through its subsidiary CKW. It plans to build 600 roof systems per year. These include solar installations on family houses as well as large rooftop installations on industrial buildings. 

In addition to rooftop systems, Axpo also plans to install large-scale ground-mounted systems in the midlands through its subsidiary CKW. CKW has already built ground-mounted plants at substations and plans to build more of these in the coming months and years. 

Do you own large areas of land?

If you own large areas of land and would like to make them available for the energy transition in Switzerland, please contact us.

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