We deliver sustainable energy solutions

Do you work for an energy supply company? Are you interested in energy services or a battery storage system to balance the load in your power grid? Are you a municipal representative looking for a sustainable solution for biowaste collection? Or are you as an entrepreneur or police authority employee thinking about crisis-proof data communication? You'll find what you're looking for here - along the entire value chain: Axpo is active in electricity production, distribution and trading. The expertise gained from over 100 years of sustainable energy production and supply is our foundation. We supply the energy that drives our society and economy reliably, cost-effectively and in an environmentally sound way. And we are experts in biomass and data communication.

Power production: Hydro

In Switzerland, 60 percent of the electricity produced comes from hydropower. That's good, because this electricity production is domestic and therefore reliable, nearly CO2-free, storable and renewable. As Switzerland's largest producer of hydropower, Axpo makes a significant contribution!

Distribution: The Axpo grid systems

Axpo maintains its own grid infrastructure in Switzerland and uses its distribution grids to connect the transmission grid of the national grid company Swissgrid with the distribution grids of its customers.

Trading: Tailored solutions

The economical procurement of energy is decisive for the competitiveness of a company. This is why Axpo offers both standardised energy products and energy solutions, certificates and services that are specifically tailored to the needs of its customers (origination).

New solutions: Battery storage

As the largest producer of renewable energy in Switzerland, as an experienced plant engineering company, and as a leading electricity trader throughout Europe, we also have a high level of expertise in the field of battery storage.

How can we support you?

Energy services

We offer both standardised energy products and energy solutions, certificates and services that are tailored to the specific needs of customers (Origination).

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Grid services

Thanks to our great expertise from operating our own plants, we are in a position to implement individual services as well as highly complex projects and optimally designed complete solutions from a single source for you.

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Biomass & wood energy

With our commitment to biomass and wood energy, we contribute to a sustainable and ecological energy future.

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Data communication

Your system integrator for customised mobile, fixed network, cyber security and cloud solutions in the field of high-availability OT solutions.

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