31.03.2017 | Beznau, Eglisau, Klingnau: In harmony with nature


Water plays a key role in Switzerland’s energy production. However, harnessing hydropower also has impacts on fauna and flora. The environment around run-of-river power plants often offers birds and other creatures a good habitat, for example at the Beznau nuclear power plant, Eglisau or Klingnau.

Are you familiar with the Swiss bird of the year in 2017? No? It’s the dipper. The European dipper is truly multi-talented. It is able to sing, fly, swim and even dive, making it the only songbird that hunts for its food under water.

But why just read about it – have a look for yourself:

If you want to learn more, simply follow, this nature lover’s suggestion and take a walk along the Aare River to the Beznau nuclear power plant:

Gliding artist

The environment around KKB and the Beznau run-of-river power plant is not the only area in „Axpoland“, where the C02-free production of power is in harmony with nature. The roof of the weir service walkway at the Eglisau-Glattfelden power plant is also the summer home of a rather rare bird, namely the Alpine swift. They stand out through their spectacular flying skills. They are migratory and spend the winter in Africa. Swifts are typical gliders with a streamlined, longish body and long, pointed wings. The tail is distinctly forked. The Alpine swift is by far the largest glider with a body length of 20 to 23cm, a wingspan of 51 to 58cm and a weight of 75 to 125g. 

Source: iStock

See the baby birds hatching:

Bird paradise

The Klingnau reservoir, where Axpo and AEW Energie operate a run-of-river power plant in the Aare River, is a bird paradise: It is a water fowl conservation area of international significance. To date, ornithologists have observed over 310 different bird species here.

Get some impressions here:

Here  you find lot’s more Information.

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