Energy Storage

Large-scale battery systems (BESS) can absorb volatilities in the power supply and defer renewable energy from times with low demand but high renewable generation to times with low generation but higher demand. The establishment of storage systems therefore allows the introduction of additional renewable energy capacities accelerating the transition to a CO2-free energy future.

Role of Axpo

Axpo combines in-depth knowledge of trading on European energy markets with many years of experience in operating systems and state-of-the-art calculation techniques based on AI and machine learning to make optimal use of storage systems and optimize the value contribution of the storage portfolio. Axpo identifies the revenue streams available in the countries, optimizes the operating strategies and designs the storage systems.



Potential Revenues Streams

  • Day Ahead arbitrage
  • Intraday arbitrage
  • Frequency Regulation: 
    1. FFR / FCR (Fast Frequency Reserves / Frequency Containment Reserves
    2. aFRR (automatic Frequency Restoration Reserve)
    3. mFRR (manual Frequency Restoration Reserve
  • Capacity mechanism 
  • Voltage control
  • Peak shaving
  • Optimisation of grid costs
  • Imbalance management
  • Clipping reduction

Project Development

Axpo has the experience to develop, construct, manage and commercially operate renewables and BESS assets across Europe.

Standalone and Hybrid Systems

BESS managed by Axpo include standalone systems directly plugged to the main grid, and hybrid or co-located solutions where the grid connection is shared with a typically renewable power plant: This last one allows to utilise synergies between the assets.

Current Projects

Following various projects in Switzerland, Axpo commissioned its first energy storage facility in Sweden in February 2024. The 20MW/20MWh plant was connected to the grid by the local energy company Landskrona Energi. The new battery storage system will be used to help balance electricity supply in the region. With 20 MW, around 4000 households could be supplied with electricity for one hour.

You can find out more about battery storage under Energy knowledge.

The first containers for the battery storage system were delivered at the end of September 2023. Follow the delivery and construction work in our videos:

Delivery of the containers for the large battery storage systems in autumn 2023

The construction work on the plant in a time-lapse

The large battery storage facility, which was officially opened in February 2024

How it works

What does the battery storage system do?

The battery supports grid security. This is necessary because the grid is not always at full capacity. The 20 MW / 20 MWh large battery storage system is charged when energy production is high (in the example of the storage facility in Sweden, mainly from wind energy). It is in turn discharged when less energy is produced. 

Media releases & Reports

Axpo opens its first large-scale battery storage facility in Sweden

The commissioning of Axpo’s first large-scale battery storage facility in Sweden, announced today, marks the latest milestone in the expansion of its battery business. The 20MW/20MWh plant, connected to the electricity grid by local energy company Landskrona Energi, follows several projects in Switzerland and Europe. The new facility was officially inaugurated on 12 February 2024 at a ceremony attended by representatives from politics and business.

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Axpo battery storage in Poland will aid grid stability

Axpo has been active in the development, construction and commercial optimisation of large-scale battery solutions for several years. Following the expansion of these services to the Swedish market, Axpo is launching a dedicated battery business in Poland. The company plans to support stabilisation of the Polish power grid through storage facilities while also participating in the country’s capacity mechanism and trading on short-term markets.

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Axpo to develop one of Sweden's largest battery storage facilities

Axpo will develop one of the largest battery storage facilities in Sweden, it was announced today. Acquired from project developer SENS (Sustainable Energy Solutions Sweden). The facility in Filipstad is designed to provide ancillary services to help balance the electricity grid. Construction is expected to start in early 2024.

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Axpo to build battery storage in Sweden

In the latest expansion of its battery storage capacity, Axpo will build a 20MW/20MWh facility in Sweden to deliver services to the grid in 2024, it was announced today. Axpo acquired the project from developers RES, a global renewable energy company, and Scandinavian Capacity Reserve (SCR). The lithium-ion based facility will be built in Landskrona and connected to the grid by local energy company Landskrona Energi.

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Axpo spins off ‘emost’ battery solution

Following four years of technology development, Axpo is selling its battery storage solution emost (‘electric mobile storage’). Winner of the prestigious IDEE SUISSE prize for innovation, emost delivers flexible and environmentally friendly power supply on construction sites, at events, in emergencies or as a replacement for diesel generators. The Axpo spin-off has been transferred to a new group of investors, led by former Axpo employees, for the commercialisation phase at the end of October 2022.

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Axpo to market battery storage for Rhiienergie

Axpo continues to grow its battery storage business and will take over the management and marketing of a battery storage facility in Domat/Ems, Switzerland. Acting on behalf of energy supplier Rhiienergie AG, Axpo will provide grid stabilisation and peak shaving on the ancillary services market.

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