Certificates of origin – good for the environment, good for your image

Anyone wishing to add ecological value to their electricity purchases can benefit from our comprehensive range of various certificates of origin and green electricity products from various technologies and in various qualities, in accordance with Swiss legislation and the international EECS standard.

Overview of our certificates of origin:
Water Switzerland

without label

naturemade star

naturemade basic

Power plant specific

Regionally specific

Water Europe
Biomass, photovoltaics & wind Switzerland
Wind Europe
Nuclear energy Switzerland

Naturemade is the Swiss seal of quality for energy from 100% renewable sources. The quality seal is available for two quality levels - naturemade star and naturemade basic.

Certificates of origin for electricity and electricity labelling (Federal Office of Energy)

Transparency of certificates of origin (Pronovo AG) (German only)

Link to the Energy Act (German only)

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