Battery storage

Battery storage units can store energy and release it again when required. The short control and start times in the range of 20 milliseconds to full load are a great advantage. This means that battery accumulators can be used to cover peak loads in the minute range, as well as to absorb short-term voltage and frequency fluctuations in the second range. When used in the right way, battery accumulators are effective in electrical energy networks that have reached their capacity limits. Controlling charge and discharge cycles at the right time has a stabilising effect on the system.

Battery storage systems play an increasingly important role in energy supply and can be used in a variety of ways. In Switzerland and Germany they are currently used most frequently in the control energy market and for peak shaving. Two thirds of the battery storage systems used are equipped with lithium-ion batteries, the remainder are based on sodium-sulphur batteries. A very small proportion of these are redox-flow and lead-acid batteries.

  • With the expansion of volatile renewable energies, power grid fluctuations have increased. As a result, the demands on system stability are also growing. In connection with falling prices for lithium-ion batteries, battery storage solutions are becoming more and more important.
  • Axpo has been pursuing the development and use of battery storage systems for several years. In view of its growing importance in energy supply, Axpo has created a competence centre for battery storage solutions. 
  • Our experience shows that battery storage systems generate added value through intelligent use in an increasingly volatile and decentralised energy supply system.
  • Based on battery storage solutions implemented by our customers, we provide expert support in the implementation, commissioning and management of battery storage systems.
Axpo planned and implemented 2 MW / 2.17 MWh battery storage at the Jona-Rapperswil power station (EWJR)

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Battery storage: Your advantages

  1. Client orientation
    Axpo takes over the planning, implementation and commissioning of battery storage systems on your behalf. Our experienced teams implement your customer project on time.
  2. Low-priced battery storage systems
    Thanks to purchasing on the international level and wide-ranging practical experience, we offer turnkey battery storage solutions at competitive prices.  
  3. Added value through intelligent management of your battery storage system
    By combining multiple applications, you can optimise returns and accelerate the return on your investment.  

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