Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Plan digitally and manage your assets together with us

How can we plan and execute complex infrastructure projects in the future? The answer leads us to the use of the BIM method and the associated technology. We bring to you our knowledge in the application of this technology for the realization and operation of your network infrastructures.


We plan network infrastructure digitally and paperless. Our processes enable seamless integration of your databases and create full transparency with all stakeholders.

We collaborate digitally to the highest degree, minimizing potential spatial conflicts and design errors.

Our plans increase the quality of the final product, minimize costs and execution times, and facilitate the exchange of information at later stages of the project.


Together with our partners, we accompany the execution of projects where BIM is at the heart of all project information.

With the BIM method, we coordinate our work with that of third parties at the digital level to ensure consistency, complete coordination and minimal errors.

We deliver sustainable and reliable infrastructures with BIM in your format, in your databases and in your way, both physical and digital.

Operations and Maintenance

We operate and support infrastructure with Digital Twin technology. Together with our partners, we transform BIM models into digital twins as a result of the execution phase of a project.

With our Insights platform, we coordinate access to the digital twins created so that each building component of a project can be connected with real-time information from sensor data and facility management.

We ensure a sustainable and reliable infrastructure with digital services for its maintenance and operation.

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Jimeno Fonseca

Product Owner