Energy knowledge

Renewable energies: Strong in Switzerland and internationally

Axpo is the largest producer of renewable energies. We know our way around hydroelectric power, wind power, solar energy and biomass. Click here for the details.

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Solar energy: Inexhaustible – also in Switzerland

The sun shines down from the sky at no cost – but not for 24 hours a day. Find out how electricity is generated from sunlight with photovoltaics and what Axpo is doing in this area here.

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Alpin Solar: Pioneer project in the Swiss Alps

On the Muttsee dam wall of the PSW Limmern, Switzerland's largest alpine solar power plant is being built. The 2,2 MW system supplies 50% of the electricity in winter.

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Limmern pumped storage plant: Battery in the mountains

A pumped storage plant functions like a large battery. You can find out exactly how it works and what it has to with the security of electricity supply in Switzerland here.

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Grids: For a secure supply of electricity

Electricity comes out of the socket, of course! But how does it get there, what do Axpo’s networks have to do with it, and why do we use drones?

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Axpo international: Electricity trading and renewables

Axpo is active in Switzerland, and internationally as well. Read what we do in Europe and the USA - and why tailored customer solutions are key -here.

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Wind power: The best locations in Europe

When the wind blows, the windmills turn. Find out how a wind turbine works and what’s need to produce wind energy in this background dossier.

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Hydropower: Renewable and climate-friendly

Domestic, renewable and climate-friendly: Hydropower accounts for about 60 per cent of the energy produced in Switzerland. How it works and what it has to do with Axpo is explained here.

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Beznau nuclear power plant: climate-friendly electricity

The Beznau nuclear power plant is Switzerland's first nuclear power plant. Read about how safe it is, who operates it and what these people think here.

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Nuclear energy: Reliable base load energy

How electricity is produced by nuclear fission in nuclear power plants, which nuclear power plants belong to Axpo and how their safety is assessed.

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Come visit us

Experience Axpo

Experience the world of electricity at the Axporama visitor centre in Böttstein. Combine your visit with a guided tour of the Beznau hydroelectric or nuclear power plant or the interim storage facility in Würenlingen.

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Media releases

All media releases

International business 25.02.2021

Axpo signs a 10-year green power deal with GIG and Danone companies in Poland

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Grids 22.02.2021

Axpo to receive additional compensation for transmission grid infrastructure

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Nuclear energy 19.02.2021

Earthquake protection of the Beznau nuclear power plant

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