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SCION The safest routing protocol for the Internet of the future.

The classic Internet is outdated. When a cornerstone of the modern Internet was defined in 1990 with the BGP protocol (Border Gateway Protocol), nobody could have imagined the demands that would one day be placed on the Internet. Accordingly, fundamental problems in the area of reliability and security on the Internet are still evident today. 

Professor Adrian Perrig's team at ETH Zurich has therefore set itself the task of eliminating these problems and creating a routing protocol for the next generation Internet. The result of these years of work is SCION. SCION is the most secure and reliable open inter-domain routing protocol. It was designed from the ground up to give senders of information complete control over their data. It combines the flexibility and accessibility of the public Internet with the security and reliability of a private MPLS network. 

SCION stands for "Scalability, Control and Isolation on Next-Generation Networks". Critical data is exchanged via defined paths in a highly secure, isolated ecosystem. The usual risks of cyber attacks (such as BGP hijacking or DDoS attacks) can be eliminated with SCION. Data transfer is provider-independent and takes place on efficient, authorized routes. SCION offers fundamentally new prerequisites for a secure Internet. SCION is tried and tested and has already been successfully deployed in critical services.

Axpo Systems is a SCION partner and can therefore offer its customers SCION services at first hand. We offer various solutions that allow you to utilize the advantages of SCION for your company.

SCION Secure Remote Access enables you to connect your networks to the secure SCION Internet. This gives you full control over your data traffic and effective protection against the dangers of the Internet.

SCION Secure Compute enables you to use our private cloud services via the secure SCION Internet. This gives you a secure, private server environment for sensitive customer applications that can be used on demand and without your own operating costs.

SCION Secure WAN Service enables you to use the secure SCION Internet at all your company locations, nationally and internationally. Your company WAN is thus protected against the dangers of the Internet and control over data communication is strengthened.

Axpo Systems supports you in all areas of the introduction of SCION for your company, from comprehensive consulting and physical network connection to the allocation of isolation domains and the integration of your customer networks.

Your benefits

  1. Thanks to SCION, data traffic is decoupled from the Internet and thus effectively protected from its dangers. SCION helps to protect your company from threats from the Internet. 
  2. Company locations as well as home office users or other external partners can be securely integrated with SCION.
  3. SCION gives you full control over your data traffic between company locations, to partners, suppliers and your employees in the home office.
  4. Axpo Systems supports you in all aspects of the introduction of the secure SCION Internet in order to achieve optimum protection for your secure company communication on the Internet.


SCION (Scalability, Control, and Isolation On Next-Generation Networks) is a modern architecture for the Internet of the future, designed to ensure high availability and efficient point-to-point delivery of packets, even when network operators and devices are active with malicious intent.

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