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IP- / MPLS- Services Connections with maximum availability

A modern and company-wide communication infrastructure is indispensable due to increasing digitalisation. Countless IP-based applications are used in corporate processes.

The flexible use of powerful IT systems also increases the need for high bandwidth between different locations.

The IP services of Axpo Systems network the LANs of different locations with high availability. This means that data and applications can be accessed at any time and from anywhere, ensuring cross-site communication. The high availability and security of the data is at the heart of the requirements.


Axpo Systems offers monitored IP services that guarantee secure IP connections between several customer sites. We implement these on our own IP/MPLS infrastructure, the aXbone. The aXbone communication infrastructure is built according to the latest technology and is constantly maintained and updated.

Based on the modern aXbone infrastructure, we offer both individual and cost-optimised bandwidth profiles from 10 Mbit/s to 10 Gbit/s. In addition, the IP VPN service supports the four priority classes Real Time, Control, Priority and Best Effort according to Quality of Services (QoS).

Our IP services are aimed at private and public companies for whom quality, security, flexibility and performance are top priorities.

Bandwidth controlled by QoS

Your benefits

  1. Secure and reliable data transmission between multiple locations
  2. LAN networking with bandwidth as required
  3. High availability thanks to power autonomy
  4. Solution can be flexibly expanded at any time
  5. Technology according to international standards, also encrypted if required

Internet Protocol (IP)

The Internet Protocol (IP) is the most widespread network protocol in the world and is the basis of Internet communication. On the basis of IP, high-performance, packet-switched data networks with high flexibility and bandwidth can be realised at low cost. The IP data packets are forwarded by routers and routing protocols along the most optimal path from the sender to the destination address. If a transmission path is overloaded or even interrupted, another path through the network is automatically selected. This achieves a very high level of network availability.

The IP services of Axpo Systems are based on an MPLS infrastructure and thus offer additional security. 

All information in a nutshell

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