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Plan digitally and manage your assets together with us

How can complex infrastructures be easily coordinated and implemented? We plan and implement using the BIM method and the associated technologies according to the SIA phases (Schweizerischer Ingenieur- und Architektenverein). At the same time, you benefit from our know-how and experience from our own assets from a power grid that is more than 2’000 km long, starting with the planning through to operation and maintenance.

Planning and Design

We plan network infrastructure holistically, digitally and paperlessly: 

  • Variant studies and recording of the actual situation (e.g. 3D models, point cloud) [SIA 21, 31]
  • Technical modelling per discipline, calculations and analyses [SIA 32, 33, 41]
  • BIM component modelling with cost and quantity take off [SIA 41]
  • Input and release of the construction project [41] 

Our projects with BIM increase the quality of the end product through better communication and efficiency in planning through a central and digital approval process. BIM reduces execution times and their costs and facilitates the exchange of information in later project phases.

Construction and Commissioning

Together with our partners, we accompany the execution of projects. BIM is at the centre of all project information, from tendering to construction coordination across all subsections on the construction site:

  • Comprehensive coordination model
  • Model-based construction process across subsections [SIA 51]
  • Model-based 2D plans and metadata for construction execution [SIA 52, 53]
  • Commissioning of facilities and documentation in BIM [SIA 61]

On the construction site (BIM-to-field), e.g. collisions, dimensions for positioning components or drillings can be determined easily and quickly from the model. If necessary, changes can be made quickly and easily for clean documentation.

Operations and Maintenance

After construction, BIM models are converted into a digital twin for further and broad use in operations: 

  • Handover of a model-based digital construction document
  • Monitoring and optimisation of the operational status in BIM [SIA 61, 62] 
  • Model linking e.g. with ERP, IoT and maintenance systems over the entire asset life cycle

With the Digital Twin module of the Insights Platform, operations and maintenance as well as project and asset management have easy visual and time-saving access to all relevant data.

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