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Incident Management Incident Management

Axpo Incident Management App

Mobile- and desktop-capable application – clear, simple, transparent. By using the Incident Management App, incidents are resolved more quickly. All necessary tools for on-call duty are available on the mobile device.


Alerting of the on-call personnel via call, SMS, email.

Details of the disturbed object, checklists for troubleshooting, expert support, chat function, immediate exchange of information.

Export functions for statistics and reports.

Fault overview

What happened?
When did the fault occur?
Which element is affected by the disturbance?
Where is the disturbed element located?
Navigation to the fault location.


Support, e.g. specialist support, contacts and checklists for fault clearance, schemas, images and user manuals are uploadable from desktop or mobile device.

Feedback fault rectification

Damage, location of fault.
Effects on operation.
Further details for statistics and operating reports.

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