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Successful CareOffice Migration: Axpo Hydro Digital chooses Axpo Group IT Cloud

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of the migration of CareOffice to the cloud. All existing users within the Hydro Energy division can continue to use mobile maintenance (CareOffice) as usual, without experiencing any noticeable changes.

This significant step allows us to optimize the platform for scalability and position ourselves in the external market. The successful migration not only opens up possibilities for further synergies but also anticipates cost reductions.

Key benefits of the cloud migration:

Scalability: Transitioning to the Axpo Cloud provides us with flexibility, enabling us to easily adapt the service to evolving requirements. Additionally, we gain the ability to scale our mobile maintenance independently of a fixed server installation. An additional benefit is the substantial reduction in operating costs through the shift to the Axpo Cloud.

External Positioning: Cloud migration is a crucial prerequisite for offering the "Mobile Maintenance" service convincingly and efficiently in the external market. This strengthens our position as an innovative full-service provider for forward-looking digital solutions.

For our internal customers already using CareOffice, the transition, except for the announced maintenance window, was seamless. The migration from Aveniq servers to the Axpo Cloud was well-received by users, with no discernible disruptions.

A big thank you goes to our partners at Axpo Group IT and Sogema. This marked Axpo Group IT's first (automatic) migration to the cloud infrastructure, prepared over the last months. Considering the upcoming migration of many other systems within the Axpo Group to the cloud, this successful first migration represents a significant milestone. We can proudly look back on this pioneering work.