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CKW Hydropower Plants rely on maintenance solution from Axpo Hydro Digital

The mobile maintenance solution from Axpo Hydro Digital has been successfully implemented by CKW Hydropower Plants. The solution is used by five employees who are responsible for the operation and maintenance of the hydropower plants.

To evaluate the effectiveness and satisfaction with the new solution, an internal survey was conducted. The results show a predominantly positive response to Axpo Hydro Digital's services. Respondents gave a satisfaction rating of 9 out of 10 to Axpo Hydro Digital as a digitization service provider.

Furthermore, the functionality of the solution on mobile devices as well as the willingness to recommend it to others were evaluated. The mobile maintenance solution received a score of 8 out of 10 for its functionality on mobile devices and also 8 out of 10 for recommendation.

Marc Rothenfluh - head of operations and business management at CKW's hydropower plants - was also positive about the introduction of the mobile maintenance solution:

"The digitization and automation of orders can ensure that no checks are forgotten. Employees can now access the relevant documents more easily and, in the event of malfunctions, track which measures were taken in the past, so that the know-how is not lost even when employees change. For the triggered orders, each employee can attach documents and photos, which are automatically assigned via the QR code on the object. This prevents them from being filed with the wrong object."

The deciding factors in selecting Axpo Hydro Digital's solution were, in particular, its focus on the needs of hydropower operators and its future viability as Marc explains:

"We were looking for something where we are sure that we have a long-term solution, where we can also benefit from the experience of other hydropower plants and which is constantly further developed."

The successful implementation of Axpo Hydro Digital's mobile maintenance solution at CKW Hydropower plants shows how innovative technologies can increase the efficiency of hydropower operators. The positive reviews from employees underscore the usefulness and effectiveness of the solution, both on mobile devices and in the day-to-day work of maintenance teams.

If you have any questions about the use of the mobile maintenance solution at CKW hydropower plants, please do not hesitate to contact Emmeline Stempfel (emmeline.stempfel@axpo.com).