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Presentation of the first digital hydropower plant in Switzerland

Switzerland's first digital hydropower plant has been successfully implemented. The 360° approach chosen by Axpo is unique in the Swiss hydropower industry and is attracting a great deal of attention. The Hydro 4.0 project team therefore presented the implemented digital applications to a broad professional audience at so-called showcase events and gave an overview of the future of "digital hydropower".

On August 10 and 28, board members, executives and technical specialists from various Swiss hydropower operators as well as the management of Axpo and CKW were invited. With around 30 participants, the interest was very high and the two events were a great success. The feedback from the participants was positive throughout and the events were also the start of a deeper cooperation with other hydropower operators in Switzerland. This much we can already reveal: first concrete inquiries for consulting with external hydropower plants have been received.

Then in September, the GBK showcase events took place. Here, too, the interest was high, with around 20 participants from the Nuclear, Grids, Renewables, Gas, and Asset Optimization divisions, as well as the CFO Axpo and CEO WZ-Systems, taking part. The spontaneous feedback received on site was very positive and the exchange across divisional boundaries was found to be very valuable by all participants. This provides a very successful prelude for an even more intensive cooperation Axpo-internally. The Hydro 4.0 team is looking forward to it!