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Digital compass: The first offer successfully launched

The future belongs to digitalization! The Hydro 4.0 pilot project has shown that the implementation of digital transformation in the hydro plants is feasible and holds significant potential benefits. At the same time, this offers the opportunity to set put this expertise as future-oriented service in all hydropower plants.

Axpo is therefore working at full speed to develop a complete and competitive service offering for the digitization of hydropower plants. The first service is a digital audit focusing on the operation and maintenance of existing hydropower plants. With the so-called "Digital Compass", Axpo supports power plant operators in evaluating the current state of their organization and identifies opportunities for action for the digital transformation. For the gap analysis, the target state is used, which Axpo, as the largest hydropower operator in Switzerland, is aiming for itself. The digital compass has a modular structure and allows the specific needs of the power plant operators to be addressed.

There is great interest in the Digital Compass and an initial partner has been found to carry out the audit for the first time. The initial workshop for the audit was held before the end of the year 2021. This pilot test for the digital audit provides Axpo with valuable insights and helps to optimize the service from the customer's point of view.

Further power plant operators are interested in the Digital Compass and have signed up for its implementation in 2022.

HTD's first service offering has thus been successfully launched on the market and the first power plant operators have been acquired as customers.

Of course we will keep you informed about the further development of HTD's service offering and which services will be launched next.