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Axpo and Voith are jointly introducing eDoc to the market

Axpo and Voith have jointly developed eDoc, a groundbreaking solution that combines the long-standing operator expertise and strong development capabilities of both companies in the field of digital solutions for hydropower.

eDoc is a comprehensive solution aimed at plant operators in various industries, with a focus on the user and providing the best possible support for managing the technical documents of the facilities. Originally, the idea for eDoc was born in the paper industry, but thanks to the close collaboration between Axpo and Voith, the application was specifically adapted for the hydropower sector to reach the market maturity.

Axpo is the largest Swiss hydropower producer and is one of the leading energy traders in Europe. With their extensive expertise and experience in the hydropower industry, Axpo plays a crucial role in the development and implementation of digital solutions like eDoc.

On the other hand, Voith Hydro is a reliable partner for equipping hydropower plants, bringing over 150 years experience and long-term expertise to the collaboration. Voith Hydro's development capabilities complements Axpo's extensive experience perfectly to meet the needs of plant operators most effectively.

Thanks to the cooperation between Axpo and Voith and the joint development of eDoc, plant operators in the hydropower industry, as well as other industries, benefit from a state-of-the-art solution that helps them optimize the management of technical documents for their facilities. The combination of comprehensive operator expertise and development capabilities makes eDoc a pioneering solution for the digital transformation of the hydropower industry and beyond.

The solution is jointly marketed by both partners and is available now. Detailed information about the solution can be found by interested plant operators on the new website: edoc-hydro.com (german only for the moment).