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New website «etahydro» online!

For operators of high and medium pressure hydropower plants who have to deal with abrasive sediments in the waterways there ist a remarkable development: Axpo und etaeval launched their advanced software solution «etahydro». The brandnew website offers a comprehensive overview to the range of application, the functions provided, available service packages and financial benefit for hydropower operators.

Water is valuable ressource, and the efficiency of hydropower plants is the relevant factor when it comes to energy production. A main problem for operators is abrasive sediments in the waterways, which can reduce the efficiency of the power plant, lead to costly repair work and unwanted outages. In this respect «etahydro» plays an important role.

The main aspects of the software solution are:

1. Continuous efficiency monitoring: changes of efficiency can be derived and visualized during normal operation of the plant. These changes are important for fact based revision decisions, which the solution supports. In addition the function delivers valuable data to recognize deviations form the optimal efficiency operation point.

2. Continuous sediment monitoring: this function analyzes the sediment content in the waterways and generates alarms, when critical values are exceeded. With this information operators can discharge the contaminated water to minimize the wear of turbines and therefore reduce unplanned repair work.

«etahydro» is a joint development of Axpo and etaeval and combines long-term operator experience with strong development competencies in digital solutions and vast expertise in analysis of hydropower.

Visit the new website «etahydro» (www.etahydro.com) to find out more about the groundbreaking software solution and how it supports operators of hydropower plants in their operational decisions.