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Since the start in 2019, the first digital hydropower plant in Switzerland has been implemented with a lot of drive, creativity and proudness. In summer 2020, we were able to successfully conclude the pilot project and present the new digital way of working live on site to a selected audience at two showcase events. The pilot project is a complete success and we can deliver a positive conclusion:

  • 19 of the 20 use cases could be tested and have passed the proof-of-concept test. Only the use case "3D model" could not yet be made available to the power plant employees as planned, since LocLab was delayed in its implementation due to Corona. The experience phase will be made up for and we are confident that this use case will also pass the practical test.
  • 16 use cases were assessed positively (economic efficiency, user benefits) and will be pursued further. 3 use cases did not meet the criteria and are discarded accordingly. The evaluation of the use case "3D model" follows the experience phase.
  • The use cases in the Workforce, Analytics, Services and Infrastructure application areas can now be prepared for rollout. The pilot project has shown that the use cases in the Workforce, Services and Infrastructure application areas are highly interdependent. For this reason, they will be combined under the Workforce application area in the future.
  • Important insights were gained from the use cases in the area of robotics. New use cases were identified and it became clear that use cases can be combined. Accordingly, a further pilot project phase is required to test the new findings in practice before a final rollout decision can be made.
  • Feedback from KSL's power plant employees has been positive and they are committed to continue using the new digital way of working. The pilot project also provided important insights into how employees are equipped with mobile devices. The vast majority of employees would like to use both smartphones (for communication, interaction) and tablets (for processing orders).