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New service available - Axpo Airline "hydrone" takes off!

Axpo Hydro Digital (HTD) is working intensively on expanding its existing service portfolio. In the area of Workforce and Analytics, HTD already offers corresponding services to Axpo Hydro plants and external hydropower operators. Over the last few months, intensive work has been done on the first service in the area of robotics.

The systematic service development by HTD was carried out in close cooperation with selected hydro plants of Axpo. The focus was on the question of whether it is possible to use drones to simplify the daily work of employees at Hydro plants and which drones are suitable for this purpose. As already reported in past news, the conclusion is positive: drones, as a "flying eye", are a useful digital tool in the toolbox of power plant employees.

Based on the consistently positive results of the field test and the high level of acceptance among employees at Hydro plants, HTD's first robotics service was brought to market maturity under the name "hydrone" and introduced at most of Axpo's Hydro sites. Axpo now has one of the largest drone organizations, with 12 so-called drone hubs and over 50 drone pilots spread throughout Switzerland. The new service also met with great interest among nuclear power plant operators and is already being used by two of the three Swiss plants. Interest outside the Axpo group is equally strong. We are currently in talks with several hydropower operators who would like to use "hydrone".

HTD's first Robotics service was developed in very close cooperation with Axpo's Grid and Nuclear divisions and is a great success! "hydrone" can be ordered by Axpo internal organizational units as well as by external plant operators. Initial information about the service can be found here. The HTD team will be happy to advise you on which drone is best suited for your operator-specific use cases and circumstances, and which organizational measures are mandatory when using drones. Contact us: drohne@axpo.com