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RevOpt Hydro - Revision Optimization Economical optimisation of revision times

RevOpt Hydro is a webapp that calculates the least costly timeslot for a revision of a hydropower plant in different scenarios within seconds. We combine our self-developed optimisation algorithm with historical inflow data, current market conditions and the plant’s machine logs to accurately determine the opportunity costs of a shutdown across time periods. This helps the power plant manager to optimize the timing of the revision and to guide the suppliers.

RevOpt Hydro can support power plant managers of all experience levels in their shutdown planning. Systematic, market-oriented planning of shutdowns leads to significant added value for the energy-procuring partners, especially in times of turbulent market prices and changing climate conditions.

Contact us for a no-obligation appointment, during which we will present RevOpt Hydro to you in detail. We will also be happy to provide you with a free test account for an example power plant.


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