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Hydro Insights Basic consists of an integration service and a web application. The integration service includes the initial set-up of the data export from the control system to the cloud and is handled as a project. For this purpose, an Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture (OPC UA) interface is set up on the control system and connected to the cloud. This interface is unidirectional and prevents access back to the control system. The web application enables the visualisation of all data of a plant and in any combination of signals. At the same time, it is the basis for Hydro Insights Apps for the automated analysis of data such as event duration monitoring, anomaly detection and efficiency monitoring.

Simplified processes

  • Access to all process data from anywhere (self-service)
  • CSV export from the office - no more phone calls 
  • Shared analysis of data thanks to shareable links

Rapid overview of the powerplant state

  • One View: a clear structure and unified presentation of all apps
  • Ongoing development according to the needs of the plants
  • Axpo know-how is incorporated in the analysis apps (decades of expertise in hydro operation & maintenance)
  • Integration of analysis apps from different providers possible (open architecture)


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