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Axpo sustainably recycles green waste and food waste from municipalities and obtains renewable energy and valuable natural fertiliser from it.

Around one third of household waste is organic and could be sensibly and sustainably recycled in fermentation plants. The fermentation of organic waste is many times more efficient and ecological than incineration.

Axpo has been operating fermentation plants in Switzerland for more than 30 years. As a municipality, you can benefit from our knowledge and experience in the sustainable disposal of biowaste.

We offer services in all areas of biowaste disposal and develop optimal, individual solutions for municipalities at all stages of the process. From the choice of the fee system to the organisation of collection, collection and composting site management, to the use of the high-quality products at the end of the process.

Our experts are happy to provide information and competent advice on the way to your optimised resource management.


At our sites, we recycle biogenic waste from horticulture. Be it branch material, tree and lawn cuttings or rootstocks, we use their biomass for a sustainable energy future. In addition, we offer soil, fertiliser and wood products for gardening at most of our sites, so that you can combine the disposal of biogenic waste and the purchase of soil, fertiliser and wood products in a time-saving way. Decide which product is best suited for your purposes based on composition, application and properties.


Our high-quality natural fertiliser is a valuable raw material for fertilising plants. Our product improves soil structure, promotes the development of the important humus content in the soil, provides valuable nutrients, regulates the water balance and protects the soil from erosion.

The natural fertilisers and soil conditioners are completely hygienised (germ-free) and thus certified for use in organic farming (FiBL farm inputs list). Excellent harvest results can be achieved with these quality products. 


Axpo disposes of and recycles biowaste from industry and the catering sector in a sustainable manner to produce renewable energy and valuable fertiliser.

By fermenting organic residues (biowaste) produced in the food processing industry and the catering sector, companies are making a significant contribution to material recycling, a sustainable energy future and an intact natural environment.

Ecological added value

By fermenting organic waste products, industrial and catering businesses support the economic, ecologically sensible recycling of organic waste, and in doing so, create sustainable added value for themselves and their customers.

Reduction of greenhouse gases

During fermentation, carbon dioxide and methane cannot escape into the atmosphere. Hence, industrial and catering businesses that ferment their biowaste make an active contribution to reducing greenhouse gases.

Axpo has been working with industrial and catering companies for more than 30 years and develops optimal, individual solutions for these customer groups for the sensible recycling of their biowaste.


Axpo sustainably recycles green waste and food scraps to produce renewable energy and valuable fertiliser. With our comprehensive expertise in organic waste recycling, we are happy to support you in your search for an optimal solution for your organic materials. We are present throughout Switzerland with our locations, and offer flexible, individual services.

Private customers

Private customers also have the option of disposing biogenic waste at our sites and, at the same time, purchasing high-quality compost, fertiliser and wood products for their own gardens or raised beds. Some of our products are available in practical small quantities, packaged in bags.

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