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Financial planning and asset modelling Financial planning and asset modelling

Sound financial planning is necessary to ensure the economic viability of grid infrastructure assets.  At Axpo, we model our asset parks and simulate the long-term effects of asset strategies and investment decisions. All relevant aspects are taken into account in the process. 


  • define asset types and asset properties such as costs, useful life and states.
  • model asset parks and map them in IT applications.
  • carry out simulation calculations and derive long-term investment strategies.
  • develop asset strategies and long-term planning.
  • carry out profitability calculations.
  • map investment measures in medium-term and budget planning and prepare the corresponding reporting.

Electrical grids tie up a lot of capital over a long period of time. Decisions on the expansion, conversion or replacement of grid infrastructures are therefore of great significance for grid owners and influence business success in the long term. When developing strategies, the evaluation of options for action is therefore often very demanding. We will be happy to advise you!

Advantage of consistent financial planning: a monthly overview of all planned and realised project costs at all times

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