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Line inspections with drones Line inspections with drones

We create brilliant and high-resolution aerial photographs of your line. The drone can be used to carry out system inspections from the air even when the lines are switched on. This increases the availability of the lines and saves costs. The drones also enable high-resolution photos to be taken from optimum viewing angles - even from hard-to-access locations. Photos help assess the damage and define repair measures.

The power masts and cables are the capital of  reliable power supply. Axpo's 2,200 kilometre-long distribution and medium-voltage grid has around 7,500 power masts. Condition is inspected regularly and recorded from the ground and from the air by overhead line fitters. Our specially trained personnel fly along the lines according to fixed specifications and have the necessary routine for this work. Of course, the aircraft can also be used for many other tasks.

Technical data

  • Recording images or videos (no measurements)
  • Empty weight 4.5 kg
  • Cargo load 2 kg
  • Flight time 24 min
  • Autonomous flying

Your advantages: Benefit from our know-how

  1. Lines remain switched on
    During line inspections, overhead line fitters fly the drones themselves. They draw up a report with recommendations for measures and a cost estimate. The lines remain switched on.
  2. Optimum viewing angle
    The optimal viewing angle enables spectacular, high-resolution images or videos that can show damage in detail.
  3. Safe, small and inexpensive aircraft
    Drones are safe aircraft. In contrast to helicopters, these little aerial helpers are quiet and inexpensive.

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