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Biomass sites Guided tours

Axpo Biomass is a leading company for the processing of organic waste. With its fermentation plants, composting sites and mobile services (Berom SA), it recycles the organic waste of more than 3,000 customers (cities, municipalities, industry and commerce) and extracts renewable energy and nutrient-rich natural fertilizer from it. Both the energy and the natural fertilizer bear the quality seals for ecologically produced products. Axpo Biomass promotes sustainable resource management and thus actively contributes to the energy transition in Switzerland.

Visitor tours

The guided tours for visitors explain the processes on the in the fermentation plants or composting sites, the natural cycle and the greatest challenges of this time in the field of biomass. The level of detail of the information can be individually adapted to the respective prior knowledge of the visitor group. After registration, we will find out which location is most suitable for your needs.


Please fill out the contact form completely and record which period, which recycling technology (fermentation or composting) and which region is desired. We will be happy to check the possibilities and get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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