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04.02.2021 | Axpo Italia launches new series on energy trading with leading Italian business TV channel

Full of energy on Class CNBC Italia

Axpo Italia opens again its doors to TV: in a new series, the Italian financial and business channel Class CNBC Italia will report regularly on the world of energy, including expert commentary from Axpo. With a special focus on energy trading, energy transition and renewable energies, numerous experts will provide insights into the exciting day-to-day business of Axpo Italia.

A new energy is taking to TV and set to make inroads into the Italian business community. Axpo Italia, in collaboration with Class CNBC Italia, a broadcaster dedicated to economics and finance, will address a wide range of topics related to the world of energy in an exciting new weekly programme. The series will feature reports on Axpo Italia’s work, its bespoke services for customers and partners, and the future prospects of a sector experiencing constant change. Themes explored will include the energy transition, the drive towards renewables, hydrogen fuel and a sustainable energy future – all important pillars of Axpo Italia’s business strategy.

Entitled ‘Energy Trading’, the series of programmes will draw on Axpo’s renowned expertise in this area, both internationally and in Italy. Energy commodity trading has been one of Axpo's most innovative and pioneering business areas for decades, enabling market access to large and medium-sized companies all over the world, and supporting them in the management of their energy portfolios. A professional approach and innovative risk management systems are key factors in this continuing success story.

Emerick De Narda, Class CNBC presenter, said: “These are very interesting aspects for the many companies and their top managers who log on to Class CNBC every day. Their intention is to find out about the world's changing economic scenarios and how they impact and condition the economic development and work of all of us on a daily basis. In this context, energy plays a key role and our aim is to put that topic into perspective.”

Close look at risk management

Political and social factors also influence the energy market, especially during the current particularly challenging period. Measures that are likely to change our approach to the future and enable the relaunch of the world and European economies are constantly being assessed. This makes the professional risk management of companies’ energy portfolios increasingly important.

Ivanhoe Romin, Axpo Italia’s General Manager Sales, Trading & Origination, commented: “We will talk about this with Class CNBC and there will be a substantial contribution from our expert traders and analysts.”

Every day, Axpo Italia’s energy traders and analysts work closely to assess all possible market variables, processing an immense amount of data that is estimated at around 1.5 million per day, to develop the best trading strategies for Axpo Italia’s customers.

Simone Demarchi, CEO Axpo Italia, said: “The TV programme will give us the opportunity to talk about these aspects, to explain Axpo Italia's approach in depth, and to lay the foundations for the forthcoming changes in energy and sustainability on which the future of all of us depends.”

Simone Demarchi, CEO Axpo Italia
Deep-dive into Axpo Italia’s daily business

The Class CNBC programme will follow Axpo Italia experts’ activities on the Italian market in support of their customers’ businesses. Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) will be among the topics covered in detail. These long-term contracts, by enabling companies to procure exclusively clean energy, are proving a vital and increasingly important tool in achieving the ambitious European Union and Italian government objectives of reducing CO2 emissions.

Anticipating and defining the future of energy, the activities of Axpo Italia’s trading desk experts will also be a key feature of the programme. As Simone Demarchi says: “Constantly updating analytical and forecasting skills, striking the right balance between assessments and risk management, requires professionalism and vision and represents a decisive mix of skills to make the difference in our industry.”

The weekly programme will be broadcast on Thursdays, at 10.20 AM, on Class CNBC Italia, on Channel 507 of the Sky Italia TV platform, and on video.milanofinanza.it.

Attention, camera is running

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