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Axpo acclaimed as the leading worldwide power trader

30.01.2015 - Axpo received top ratings in the recent survey by the two industry magazines „Risk“ and „Energy Risk“: In the category „Overall Dealers Power“ the company now ranks in first place.

In the previous year, Axpo was awarded third place. In the individual countries where Axpo is active, the company also achieved top ranks. A leap forward in the area of „Power Research in Europe“ rounds off the good overall result in this year’s survey: After achieving rank 3 in 2014, Axpo climbed to second place this year.

In the annual „Risk“ and „Energy Risk“ survey, over 1600 market players and clients are asked to assess counterparties according to criteria such as price, flexibility, market making, reliability, integrity and processing speed. Axpo already ranked among the best in the past – and was able to further improve ratings this year: For the first time ever, Axpo was acclaimed the leading worldwide power trader in the „Energy & Commodity Rankings“. The good result indicates that Axpo has forged an excellent position in Europe thanks to its extensive know-how.

Domenico De Luca, Head of Trading & Sales at Axpo, is pleased with the success in the „Risk“ and „Energy Risk“ survey: „This outstanding result is another step forward in comparison to previous years and proof for our distinct expertise. We approach the needs of our clients flexibly and that pays off for everyone.“

Axpo is taking advantage of growth opportunities in Europe

Given the challenging market environment in the energy sector, realistic growth opportunities in the future will be found particularly abroad. With its strong local presence in over 20 European countries, Axpo holds an important trump card. This became especially evident in financial year 2013/14: The international origination business offering individual solutions for marketing and procuring power, gas as well as energy certificates for customers all over Europe increased by some 40% in comparison to the previous year, and is now a significant growth factor for the company. Transactions with renewable energy are the focus more and more often. Today, Axpo is already the largest wind power marketer in Spain and established as a leading marketer for renewable energies in Europe.

Top ranks in numerous countries

In the „Risk“ and „Energy Risk“ survey, Axpo companies abroad maintained the excellent ratings of the previous year – and in some cases even advanced ranks: In Italy, Axpo was once again selected as the number 1 in natural gas trading and defended its second place in power trading. In the Iberian, Northern, and Eastern European markets, Axpo held its top position in power trading with rank 1. Axpo made a great leap forward in the Netherlands: Axpo was awarded rank 1 in power trading after placing 5th in the previous year. In view of the positive growth in the Netherlands, Axpo will be founding its own subsidiary (Axpo Netherlands) with headquarters in Amsterdam in the coming weeks in order to develop the Dutch market locally.

In the highly competitive German power market, Axpo also gained ground and was selected the number 3 for the first time. In the previous year’s ranking Axpo was absent in power trading in Great Britain, France, and Belgium. This year the local subsidiaries got off to a flying start with rank 5 in the British Isles, rank 4 in France, and a place on the podium in Belgium (rank 3).eady the largest wind power marketer in Spain and established as a leading marketer for renewable energies in Europe.

Promoting the subsidiaries

In light of the developments in the European markets, Axpo reorganised its business area Trading & Sales in October 2014. The most important European country organisations (Italy, Iberia and Nordics) now report directly to the Head of Trading & Sales. In adapting the structure, the Axpo organisation now reflects the increasing importance of the European business.

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